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Gailey Appreciates Marshall's 'Openness'

Chan Gailey, Kacy Rodgers & Bobby April Met with the Media on Thursday


Despite often facing double coverage, Brandon Marshall leads the Jets in both receptions (13) and receiving yards (163) and is also tied for the team lead with two touchdowns. Now just 66 yards shy of 10,000 for his career, Marshall has impressed his new offensive coordinator with an "openness to try new things."

"Different types of routes. Different ways to run things," said Chan Gailey today. "Different thought processes as far as how to set things up for the next time, and the next time and the next time. He's been really open to that."

The Jets only turned it over once against the Colts and it was one that Gailey could live with. Ryan Fitzpatrick – in plus-territory – took a chance down the sideline when he saw Marshall singled up, but Colts CB Vontae Davis deflected the ball and S Mike Davis hauled in an exceptional interception.

"He got a great player one-on-one," Gailey said of Marshall. "Take your shot. You saw the film, we had a post on the other side, so we were trying to see the safety and the safety made a great play in my opinion."

Speaking of unbelievable plays, Darrelle Revis had a hand in three of the Jets' five takeaways against the Colts. The Jets lead the NFL with 10 takeaways and a +8 turnover margin.

"We just want to get one. Right now, it's something that we stress and that the guys - from the first time we got together - that's just something that, one, helps win games in this league. Everybody knows. And right now the ball is just bouncing our way and I hope it keeps bouncing to us."

The Jets can bounce around along the defensive line because they have a number of versatile performers including utility man Leger Douzable.

"Mo can be anywhere, Leonard (Williams) could be anywhere. And then it's kind of guy that we're not really mentioning that played an outstanding game was (Leger) Douzable," Rodgers said. "He really did an outstanding job setting the edge and closing down some of those running lanes. Right now our front guys, we have the luxury of having some versatility. These guys are kind of all over the place."

With Chris Owusu (knee) out of the lineup for a few weeks, the Jets could turn to either Bilal Powell or Zac Stacy as their kick returner.

"Devin Smith's always an option. Hasn't done it yet and probably would not be the guy initially, but we've been working him since he's been back and worked him before he got hurt," said special teams coordinator Bobby April. "Really would like to see him because we think he's a big play guy and he's got real good speed. But those other guys know the return a little bit better – they're a little bit ahead of them for that reason."



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