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Folk Reflects on 7 Years in Green & White

Jets Kicker, Released Today, Has Great Memories of 2010 Playoff Push, 9/11 Game in 2011 Opener

Nick Folk admittedly was a little sad but was also very upbeat after the Jets released one of the best placekickers in franchise history this afternoon.

"I get it. At the end of the day this is a business and sometimes you're on the wrong end of the business part of it," said Folk, one of the best placekickers in franchise history who was released today. "This was my second team, but there's not too many guys who play for one or two teams anymore. Everybody moves around. It'll be a fun new adventure."

Before Folk departed his business office for the past seven seasons, he reminisced on some of his favorite times in green and white. One extended moment was the 2010 playoff push, a personal highlight of which was his walk-off 32-yard field goal to beat the Colts, 17-16, in the AFC Wild Card Game and stun the roaring Lucas Oil Stadium crowd to silence.

"Obviously, my first year going to the AFC Championship Game was big. That was a special group of guys. We went on a great run late in the season, and it was kind of capped off for me with the game-winner at Indy," he said. "That was a great game, a fun game to be a part of."


Eight months later came another game made meaningful for different reasons. Folk's 50-yarder with 27 seconds to play was the difference in the Jets' 27-24 comeback win over the Cowboys, his only other NFL team, in the season opener held on Sunday night, Sept. 11, 2011.

"It was a little revenge game, but the 9/11 factor played more into it than the revenge part," he recalled. "I was in L.A. when 9/11 happened. I was a senior in high school on the opposite side of the country. I was getting ready to go to school and I watched it on TV, the second plane hitting the tower. My mom watches news every morning, and I asked her, 'Mom, what movie are you watching?' She said, 'Nick, this is live TV.' I had never been in New York before that, so I had no idea.

"So that game, the 9/11 part of it, meant a lot to me because I got to represent the city of New York in a big event."

Folk also had great memories of his teammates — especially Tanner Purdum, the only long-snapper he had in his seven Jets seasons — and of the 2013 season, "because that team fought so hard."

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And being the positive fellow he is, Folk also had some nice things to say about the season just past.

"I know last year wasn't our best year, but the locker room for the most part had a pretty upbeat attitude for the whole year — and that's tough to find when you're going into the last game 4-11," he said. "We kept it together pretty well."

And today the personable, professional kicker from Hollywood, CA, was keeping it together as he heads into the Jets sunset as a free agent.

"For now," he said, "I'm going to see where the wind takes me."

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