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First-Day Facts and Figures


Vernon Gholston

Notes on the New York Jets' two selections during Saturday's first two rounds of the 2008 NFL Draft:

Jets' First-Day Picks

Round 1 (No. 6) —Vernon Gholston, OLB, Ohio State

Round 1 (No. 30) —Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue

Trade details

Jets get:Round 1 (No. 30): Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue

Packers get:Round 2 (No. 36): Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State; Round 4 (No. 113)

Vernon Gholston is the 10th Ohio State player drafted by the Jets

Dave Foley T, Round 1, 1969

Rich Seifert, S, Round 8, 1973

Mike Bartoszek, TE, Round 17, 1975

Ed Thompson, LB, Round 8, 1977

Chris Ward, T, Round 1, 1978

Al Washington, LB, Round 4, 1981

Mike Nugent, K, Round 2, 2005

Nick Mangold, C, Round 1, 2006

Anthony Schlegel, LB, Round 3, 2006

Dustin Keller is the fifth Purdue players drafted by the Jets

Gary Roberts, G, Round 11, 1969

Tom Bayless, DT, Round 15, 1970

Scott Dierking, RB, Round 4, 1977

Derrick Kelson, CB, Round 11, 1990

First-round LBs drafted by the Jets

1970 — Mike Taylor, Michigan, 20th pick

1982 — Bob Crable, Notre Dame, 23rd pick

1989 — Jeff Lageman, Virginia, 14th pick

1993 — Marvin Jones, Florida State, 4th pick

1997 — James Farrior, Virginia, 8th pick

2002 — Bryan Thomas (DE/LB), Alabama-Birmingham, 22nd pick

2004 — Jonathan Vilma, Miami, 12th pick

First-round TEs drafted by the Jets

1972 — Jerome Barkum (WR/TE), Jackson State, 9th pick

1992 — Johnny Mitchell, Nebraska, 15th pick

1995 — Kyle Brady, Penn State, 9th pick

2000 — Anthony Becht, West Virginia, 27th pick

Years with at least two first-round picks

1965 —Joe Namath, QB, Alabama, 1st pick; Tom Nowatzke, FB, Indiana, 4th pick

1972 —Jerome Barkum, TE, Jackson State, 9th pick; Mike Taylor, LB, Michigan, 20th pick

1984 —Russell Carter, DB, SMU, 10th pick; Ron Faurot, DE, Arkansas, 15th pick

1995 —Kyle Brady, TE, Penn State, 9th pick; Hugh Douglas, DE, Central State (Ohio), 15th pick

2000 —Shaun Ellis, DE, Tennessee, 12th pick; John Abraham, DE, South Carolina, 13th pick; Chad Pennington, QB, Marshall, 18th pick; Anthony Becht, TE, West Virginia, 27th pick

2006 —D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia, 4th pick; Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State, 29th pick

Jets' No. 6 overall picks

1971 —John Riggins, RB, Kansas

1974 — Carl Barzilauskas, DT, Indiana

1976 — Richard Todd, QB, Alabama

Jets' No. 30 overall picks

1966 — Phil Sheridan, E, Notre Dame (Round 4)

1981 —Marion Barber, RB, Minnesota (Round 2)

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