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Edwards Is Locking It Down

Rookie Punter Was Jacked Up to See a Countryman Sunday at MetLife Stadium


You can forgive Jets' rookie punter Lachlan Edwards if he was a little starstruck. After all, fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman was on the sideline Sunday and Edwards wasn't going to boot away the chance for an introduction.

"It was funny," he said this week on Inside the Jets. "I actually ran out and Tanner (Purdum) pointed to Mr. Johnson, who was speaking to Hugh Jackman. I just sat down and said I have to talk to him, he's  probably the only other Australian in the building."

The 6'2" Jackman, who has done it all throughout his illustrious acting, singing and producing career including the part of Wolverine, warmly greeted the 6'4"Edwards upon his arrival.

"I ran over and said, 'Hey, how are you doing? I'm a big fan, great to see you.' He said G'day mate and shook my hand and I ran off and did my warm-ups," Edwards said. "I was a little bit starstruck before the game started, but it was good to see the big movie stars out there."

While the Jets didn't get the win Sunday, it might be a good idea to bring Jackman around more often.  Edwards was terrific, pinning the Seahawks back inside their 20 on three occasions and dangerous return man Tyler Lockett (two returns, 8 yards) was a non-factor.

"We've had a pretty hard stretch with the returners with Tyreek Hill from Kansas City and we just had Lockett. who is a Pro Bowl player I believe," he said. "And now this week we have Antonio Brown and it doesn't get any easier the next couple of weeks. The big focus has been direction, hang time and placement of the ball, so that's sort of what we're trying to do."

Through his first four professional games, Edwards is averaging 43.7 yards a punt with a net average of 38.2 yards. Half of his 12 punts have been downed inside the opposition 20.

"I'm trying to give my best for the coverage guys," he said. "Sometimes I hit it in the middle of the field when I should've had a bit more direction, so I've kind of put them out on an island and made them make plays. Luckily for me, they're good enough athletes and they've gone down and done that for me."

After the Jets' most recent game, Edwards made sure he placed a message back to a loved one Down Under.

"I texted my mom because of course she's a huge fan of Hugh Jackman," he said. "She was super happy for me."

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