EA Q&A: Questions for GM Candidates

Al D.Wichita Falls, Texas
Hello Eric, (I have) been a Jets fan since 1972.  How can the Jets keep this team together for 2013? They had many chances to prove their mettle, but failed. What an embarrassment! Jets need to clean house — including Sanchez.  Pay him his money and give him his walking papers…

EA: The Jets will not keep this team together for 2013.  Woody Johnson did not wait long to make a change at the top, removing GM Mike Tannenbaum from his duties after a wonderful run with the organization. 

If I was in charge of the interviewing for the GM vacancy, my first two questions would be: 1.) How do you think you will work with my head coach?  2.) What do you think our vision should be with Mark Sanchez?

The move to let go Tannenbaum was not an easy one for Johnson and should not be taken lightly.  He likes Mike personally and he also would tell you that this guy did a lot of good for this organization.  But you expect major changes after two consecutive non-winning seasons and more are on the way.

Sanchez reportedly is due $8.25 Million next season and his cap number would be close to $13 Million if he is on the team.  That is a lot of coin for someone who is either going to compete for a starting job next summer or will be a backup signal caller.  Will the Jets explore finding a trading partner for Sanchez and agree to pay half of his salary in the process?  This is a QB league and I think you might find an offensive mind or two who think they can get the best out of Sanchez.  No matter what anyone says, he has all the physical tools you want and he is only 26-years-old with four playoff Ws under his belt. 

Huge decision there for the new GM.  Look at this year's playoff teams and you get a sense that the team that will raise the Lombardi Trophy will have an elite QB.

Jeff T.Uncasville, CTQ: Why didn't they fire Rex Ryan also?
EA: Since the Jets are not scheduled to have Mr. Johnson or Ryan available until Tuesday, all we can trace back to is Johnson's statement on Monday. 

"I believe that he has the passion, the talent, and the drive to successfully lead our team," Johnson wrote of Ryan.

Mr. J. has always said that he will let his football people make football decisions.  All outsiders can do is speculate as to whether it is a must for Johnson that Ryan remains head coach.

Respected in football circles, Ryan is a brilliant football mind — and like Tannenbaum — he has been good for the franchise.  I understand the fans' frustration and some folks' desire for a clean slate.  But you can't change everywhere and then talk about the importance of stability.  We have to see what Mr. Johnson says Tuesday when he speaks to the media for the first time this offseason.

Bob D.North Attleboro, MA
Happy New Year. This year's draft class of QB's isn't like 2012, so the 6-10 record shouldn't hurt as long as the Jets brain trust is willing to trade down and get more picks. They should learn from Indy and Wash — get really bad, get young and then pick a blue chip QB in a good draft class (2014).

EA:The Jets own the No. 9 overall selection in April's draft and the No. 8 selection in the second-round.  Some of the top QB names in the 2013 Draft will probably include Geno Smith (West Virginia), Matt Barkley (USC), Tyler Wilson (Arkansas), Ryan Nassib (Syracuse), Aaron Murray (Georgia), Mike Glennon (NC State), Tyler Bray (Tennessee), Zac Dysert (Miami Ohio), Landry Jones (Oklahoma) and EJ Manuel (Florida State).  It is easy to say that it's a down year for QBs because we don't see Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, but who envisioned Russell Wilson's sensational rookie campaign?  I spoke to Wilson down in Mobile, AL at the Senior Bowl last January and I had no idea that this kid would be so good — so quickly.  What an impressive young man and he might be 5'11, but Wilson has a great arm and his mobility is an added plus.

The Colts literally got Luck-y.  Due to neck issues, Peyton Manning didn't play in 2011 and the Horseshoes bottomed out at 2-14.  But the Redskins finished 5-11 and then they put together a huge package for the Rams (three first-round draft picks and a second-rounder) in order to move up four spots from No. 6 to No. 2 overall.  That was a gutsy deal, but you must be willing to pay a hefty price if you want a chance at an elite QB.

This could turn out to be a very good QB class.  It is too early to say there is nothing out there.

Nick Staten Island, NY
The Jets should look to get QB Alex Smith from San Francisco.

EA:In theory, that sounds fine.  As per company policy, the Jets would never talk about a player currently under contract with another team.  Smith is reportedly due $8.5 Million in 2013 and the 49ers might be open to dealing him in the offseason.  But read the above on Sanchez and the Jets have other holes to fill than just quarterback.  He is also said to be a low-key guy and who is to say Smith would be open coming to New York if the 49ers cut him?

Kris B.Osprey, FL
Q: Why didn't Ryan tailor an offense to take advantage of Tebow's strengths? Tebow is big, smart, committed, an inspiring leader and a proven winner. Ryan misused/abused a huge asset, hurt the team, caused fan disdain & will now likely lose Tebow. What a shame, but he'll still have Sanchez.

EA:Tebow was never brought here to be a starting quarterback.  He was acquired to be a backup, an offensive package player and a special teams contributor. 

For whatever reason, the Tebow experiment did not work.  He ran the ball 32 times for 102 yards and completed just six balls for 39 yards.  The Jets chose not to scrap their conventional attack in order to run a system that was tailored for Tebow.  He is under contract for next season, but most pundits think he will not return in 2013.  The Jets may explore trading Tebow or they may just decide to cut him loose.  Tebow believes he can be a successful starting QB, but how many teams would be willing to give him the reins?

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