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DONNA MARIE: Getting to Know Me

Every month in the back of Vanity Fair — my favorite magazine — a different celebrity answers the "Proust Questionnaire." It's a series of questions put together by Marcel Proust, a French writer in the late 1800s that is meant to be a fun and concise way to reveal someone's personality. It is my favorite part of the magazine, and since I am brand new to the Flight Crew, I thought it might be a fun way for everyone to get to know me a little better.  


When and where were you the happiest?On our last vacation. It was the best trip, a week in California and a cruise for a week to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. I love the water so put me on a boat to anywhere and I am a happy girl.

What is your current state of mind? My current state of mind is so happy I am terrified. I feel like I have everything I have ever wanted and could need. Part of me is thinking something horrible is going to happen, because no one gets everything they want.


If you died and came back as another living person or thing, what would it be?I would come back as a bird, because I love to fly. I know it's silly but airplanes don't bother me one bit. I literally love to fly, and if I were a bird I could travel anywhere I wanted.


What is your greatest fear? Not feeling like I have accomplished anything or that I failed at something no matter how hard I tried. Oh, and snakes. I am horrified of snakes. I can't even see them on TV without getting panicky. I even failed the reptile chapter in sixth grade science because I couldn't stand the pictures of them in the textbook.

Which talent would you most like to have?I would love to be fluent in different languages. It was a really hard thing for me to learn in school, so I never pushed myself to do it. A few summers ago I thought it would be a good idea to teach myself French. Let's just say I didn't get very far and won't be visiting France anytime soon.

Where would you like to live?Well, I have lived in New Jersey my whole life and I do love my home here, but if I had to pick up and live someplace else it would California for sure — they have the best weather, and I really love the whole outdoor active lifestyle they have out there.


If you could live in another time, when would it be?I think I would fit right in during the late Fifties and early Sixties. My mom and I are really into the whole Jackie Kennedy era, and "Mad Men" is one of my favorite shows. It just seems like there was something special and nostalgic about that time in U.S. history. So many exciting changes were happening — the jet age, the space race and civil rights. Everyone just seemed so much more sophisticated and glamorous. Plus I would have seen the Jets win the Super Bowl!

See you at the game!

—Donna Marie

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