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DANIELLE: Keep Up Those Gameday Traditions

Hey, Jets fans! Let me start by saying, HOW PUMPED ARE YOU?!

What an amazing win this past Sunday! I am beyond excited that we are on our way to the AFC Championship for the second year in row. I am so confident that this is our year to take it all the way. This Sunday could not come fast enough! I'm sure most of you have your own gameday superstitious traditions, I know I do!

Since playoffs began, fellow Flight Crew Cheerleaders Anne-Marie, Meredith, Bianca and I have been watching the games at Anne-Marie's house. Her husband, Joe, makes his delicious pasta sauce for us so we can all watch the game with a satisfied stomach.

Every week we have arrived in the same jerseys, same jeans, same T-shirts, same everything! I even paint my nails green! Once we knocked Manning out of the playoffs, we knew we had to keep everything the same! We get very into the game — I'm sure the neighbors can hear us screaming with excitement!

I know as a Jets fan, you have gameday traditions of your own, whether it is growing your beard out, wearing the same jersey every week, or watching the game at the same place. Whatever you've been doing, please keep it up! We are just one win away from a trip to Dallas! This is it, Jets fans … this is it.

Go Green & White!


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