Coordinators' Corner, OTA Edition

OC Chan Gailey, DC Kacy Rodgers & STC Bobby April Get Together to Answer Reporters' Questions

Jets head coach Todd Bowles' three coordinators had been heard from here and there, but never before all three in one burst. Until today.

The occasion was media availability following our second practice of the Organized Team Activity phase of the offseason, and each coordinator made his way before reporters for a short session of Q&A.

The first part of OC Chan Gailey's roughly 17-minute "presser" dealt with quarterbacks. And Chan confirmed the depth chart with Geno Smith at the top of it that Bowles established when asked about it during the draft. "Right now, Geno's the starter," Gailey said. "Coach Bowles has said it, I say it, that's the way it sits, and that's the way we expect it to be."

Kacy Rodgers' session was about half as long and had a little more subject diversity. Cornerback was a favorite topic of the reporters, with KC the DC fielding questions on Darrelle Revis' competitiveness, Dee Milliner's rehab progress and where he'll fit into the secondary, and the group's overall depth, which he said "is tremendous."

And STC Bobby April discussed kicker Nick Folk's and punter Ryan Quigley's good points and also why he thinks they can get better, as well as an interesting kickoff return battle among Chris Owusu, Walt Powell and T.J. Graham. Plus he predictably was asked to weigh in on a certain rule change.

Here are the videos and excerpts from each of Wednesday's sessions.

Gailey on what has impressed him this offseason about Smith...

"He can throw the ball. He was making good decisions when it was clean reads, so that's what you try to do, try to make it clean reads for him. We evaluated how he threw the ball, how he handled himself when there was pressure, how he handled himself when things broke down, all those little things like that that you can see. He can make every throw in the book now, he can make 'em all. And you don't find many that can do that. So you try to find a guy that can do that and you give him every opportunity to be successful."

Rodgers on how he and Bowles will work out the defensive playcalling duties once the games begin...

"We really hadn't talked a lot about it. When we first got here, we said we'll sit down and just see how it all works out. So as we go through OTAs and we went through the voluntary minicamp. right now he's putting me in every possible situation that could come up in a game. Nothing should come up in a game that we haven't prepared for. I've been asked this question before, but when I came here, I sort of checked my ego at the door. At the end of the day, we really don't care who calls it, we just want to win."

April on the impact he expects the new extra point rule changes to have on the game...

"I don't like any rule changes per se, but that one makes the special teams a little more important. It's a little more difficult to make it, it's a little more strategic now, what you're going to do on that play. If we have a real bad weather day, that two-point conversion is maybe more probable to make than a 33-yard 'field goal.' It's more probable and you get twice as many points. That's got to play into your thinking. ... So I think it's going to be a real influential play. I think pushing it back, they said they wanted to get that play back in the game, I think they achieved the goal."



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