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Color Jets Thursday Night Football...Kelly Green

NFL Nike Color Rush Campaign, Unveiled Tonight, Puts 8 Teams in New Unis in TNF Games This Year


The NFL and Nike provided a glimpse of the new NFL Nike Color Rush uniforms during halftime of tonight's game between the Dolphins and Patriots, and two words from the presentation will jump out to Jets fans:

Kelly Green.

The Jets are one of eight teams revealed during the CBS/NFL Network telecast that will unveil new Thursday Night Football uniforms during games this season. And the specific color theme for the Green & White, as shown in the video describing the campaign, is Kelly Green, the iconic shade of green from the team's past. More on that below.

Color Rush offers a new way for NFL teams to unify their fans and communities around a current or historic color that will come to life in the new Color Rush uniforms. A sampling of the uniforms will be featured in four games this season, beginning with Jets-Bills at MetLife Stadium on Nov. 12. The full lineup will be unveiled by all teams in 2016.

Players' uniforms will be flooded with color as they are draped from jerseys to cleats in one of the team's current or historic colors. With the campaign surrounding Thursday Night Football, every club will have the opportunity to showcase its spirited fans and cities through color in primetime in 2016.

The eight teams that will be showcasing the campaign are:

Nov. 12 (Week 10) — Bills (Red) at Jets (Kelly Green) (NFLN)

Nov. 19 (Week 11) — Titans (Titans Blue) at Jaguars (Bold Gold) (NFLN)

Nov. 26  (Week 12) — Panthers (Panthers Blue) at Cowboys (White) (CBS)

Dec. 17 (Week 15) — Buccaneers (Red) at Rams (Yellow Gold) (NFLN)

Each team's full uniform will be shown during the Thursday Night Football game the week before the club's Color Rush game. The Jets' full uniform — which will include tweaks to the helmet — will be unveiled during the Browns-Bengals game next Thursday night, Nov. 5, on NFL Network.

Green, needless to say, is very important to the Jets and their fan base, and Kelly Green has been an inspirational part of who the Jets are, with that color being worn from the start of the Jets era of the franchise in 1963 for 3½ decades through the 1997 season.

For more information on Jets Color Rush, visit and follow @NFL on Twitter using #ColorRush.

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