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College Throwback: Erin Henderson

8 Things I Learned About the Maryland Born Linebacker’s Time in College Park


His favorite memories are when the Terps wore their all black Under Armour uniforms.

His favorite game moment, specifically, was when Maryland upset Florida State (27-24) in those blackout jerseys. Jeremy Navarre blocked a Florida State field goal attempt which sealed the win for Maryland in 2006.

Erin is from Aberdeen, MD just about an hour outside of College Park. His parents came to every game.

He virtually lived off of Chipotle. He ate a loaded chicken burrito, with extra meat, almost every day.

At the time, his brother, E.J. Henderson, was already in the NFL.


RJ Bentley's in College Park was his favorite place to hang out.

Erin was a communications major and is a big "music head," so he wants to attempt to try to incorporate music with his knowledge and love of sports.

Linguistics is the one class keeping him from getting his degree.

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