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But First a Few Words from Corey Davis About His Younger Jets Teammates

Veteran WR Dishes on Sauce, Elijah, Zach as He Prepares This Week to Return to Game Action at Philly on Friday Night


The Jets' wideout group certainly has drawn a lot of attention this training camp, with Elijah Moore getting ready to launch into year two and Garrett Wilson giving the looks of an explosion play waiting to happen.

But no one should overlook the veteran presence in the WR room and on the field. Corey Davis is back from his hip/groin/core muscle problems that cost him eight of the last 11 games last season, and he's still less than two years out from his 65-catch, 984-yard season in 2020 that brought him to the Green & White.

And as a thoughtful veteran, Davis has some hot takes on those young dudes all around him on the Jets offense. Maybe you heard this one already about first-round CB Ahmad Gardner:

"Sauce is a dog, man, a flat-out dog."

The only place one might have thought of hearing that phrase previously might have been in front of a favorite food truck or wiener wagon.

Davis' analysis of Gardner's game went further.

"He comes out here trash-talking, working hard. He's always one of the first guys out here, one of the last to leave. That says a lot about him," Davis said. "He's got the speed, he's got the size, and he's real physical off the press. We're always on our toes when we're up against him and 4 [D.J. Reed]. He's a great player, man, a really good dude."

Moore also drew some CD praise.

"He has a great mentality, a great work ethic coming in each and every day," Davis said. "The biggest thing I've noticed is just him being a pro, coming in with that same mindset, that same mentality every day. He's not very vocal, but he's going to lead you by example, he's going to show you how it's done. That's one of the things I admire and like about him."

Davis' final mini-analysis of the day was of the young man he hopes to play a lot of pitch and catch with this year.

"Yes, definitely," he replied about whether QB Zach Wilson was getting better before his eyes. "He's more comfortable, getting more confidence out there, getting the ball out early to the guys he's supposed to get it to. He looks good, he's taking charger of the huddle, and he's taking some really good steps."

The coach on the field could have offered more sound bites, but he's getting a bit antsy to get back in action himself. His last catches were 10- and 5-yarders from Wilson in the first half of last season's Dec. 5 loss to Philadelphia before he went on Injured Reserve.

And now, as often happens in the NFL, Davis is set to open it up against those same Eagles in the Jets' preseason opener at Philly on Friday night. And that will be followed by joint practices and summer home games vs. the Falcons and Giants.

"I can't wait," Davis said. "Running routes in front of the same dudes, they kind of get a bead on you a little bit. It's good because you've got to switch up your routes a little bit, make everything look different. But man, I'm excited to get in front of some new faces, some new numbers out there and play ball."

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