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ANNE-MARIE: Reality Show Stars in Mexico

Eight members of the New York Jets Flight Crew are now in Mexico City, representing the NFL at different appearances around the city. Each day we will be hearing from a different Flight Crew Cheerleader on what she and the group did in Mexico's capital. Today's Flight Crew blogger: Anne-Marie. Hola, Jets Fans! It's Anne-Marie from the Flight Crew checking in with you from Mexico City!

We just finished up another great day here. We headed to TV Azteca to do some live television promotions. This location was really cool! We felt like we were walking around on the lots of Universal Studios.

The first show we appeared on was La Academia Bicentenario, which is a combination of Big Brother and American Idol here in the States. The contestants were so shocked when they saw us walk into the room. They had no idea what to expect. We danced for them and explained what it's like to be on a team. And as an artist you need discipline and confidence.

TV Azteca already uploaded a part of it on their website! **Check it out here.**

After that we filmed some more commercial promos for TV Azteca.

‪Next stop was Fox Sports Mexico. When we arrived, we had lunch together and then got our hair and makeup done. We participated in two different live broadcast shows. Each show was a 30-minute interview. We had so much fun, and the hosts were a blast to work with!

‪Our last stop was a retail store called Suburbia. We were surprised to see all the fans that were there waiting for us! They were beyond excited to meet us. We performed four routines for them, signed autographs and took pictures. We did fun contests with the fans and gave out prizes.

‪So now we are back at the hotel and getting ready for another delicious dinner. We have another long day ahead of us filled with great appearances. Stay tuned! Buenos Noches!


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