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ALYSE: My Favorite Spots in NYC

Hey, JETS fans, it's Alyse here. It's been a wonderful, relaxing offseason but I can't wait to get back to business with the Flight Crew. During the offseason, I have spent some time at my favorite places in New York City. Even during the season, I frequent these spots often.

Of course New York is known to have the best of almost everything so it is so exciting to have great products, services and places at your fingertips. My favorite places are all different categories of things to do in New York City. From fitness to shopping to eating to services/products, New York has it all for me and I love it.

My favorite place to work out is in Central Park with Kira Stokes and her well-known boot camp. Kira's classes are amazing cardio and strength training in one. As a group, we all jump rope together, run the stairs, add weights, bands, and many, many other difficult exercises. This class is extremely challenging and keeps me in shape and able to get through games and intense conditioning practices that are expected of the Flight Crew.

Not only does the Flight Crew have to stay in shape, but also we like to look nice and styling every day. Therefore, I love shopping at the Rolando Santana's showroom. Rolando's style keeps me high fashion, classy and comfortable. He has a one-of-a-kind style and I always feel amazing in his wardrobe. I wore a lot of his dresses and pieces during our trip to Aruba this past year for the calendar shoot.

Another one of my favorite places I enjoy visiting is Bounce Sporting Club. Bounce is a sports bar and restaurant that has many TVs and is a fun experience. Some of the Flight Crew and I frequent this restaurant for dinner and during the season's away games. I suggest trying their fish tacos. Amazing.

So I have covered fitness, fashion and a great eating spot. Lastly, as a member of the Flight Crew one must be poised and polished. In order to stay this way, I visit my favorite nail salon, Venus Nails, and keep my gameday smile sparkling at Finn Orthodontics.

Venus nails is a great place for a "polished" permanent French manicure that keeps my nails perfect throughout the season no matter how long I hold a pom-pom. This place is relaxed and fun and they even allow me to bring my Pomeranian, Romeo, who is a big hit. I visit Finn Orthodontics to make sure my smile is performance-ready. The office is friendly and like family. Not to mention, they're really big Jets fans!

Well, that's it for me. If you're ever in the city and happen to swing by one of these places, you may just find me there. Otherwise, I'll see you on the field.


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