A Lot of Football Remains


The Jets get pumped up for the game

After suffering a 31-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon, the Jets have just three opportunities remaining to enhance their chances at a postseason bid. While a win against the Bills would have brought them one step closer, the loss doesn't count them out by any means.

"It's not a devastating loss; it was a win that we wanted to have and unfortunately we didn't get," said defensive co-captain Jonathan Vilma. "It is not the end of our season at all. We're going to look at this, correct it and move on. Unfortunately we have to wait seven days to get back on the field."

In seven days the Jets will be play in Minnesota against a Vikings team that is in a similar situation to the Jets - still in contention and very hungry for the playoffs. .

"This team is tough; we're going to bounce back," said safety Kerry Rhodes. "We'll see the tape Monday and make the corrections and run with it from there. We have to take it one game at a time; we've got Minnesota now."

Rhodes led the Jets defense with seven tackles Sunday. Though only in his second season of professional football, the 24-year old knows exactly what lies ahead.

"We got three games left to try to do something this year," said Rhodes. "For the most part, we have responded in adverse situations. I don't think this week will be any different, but we have got to come out and correct everything and we don't have much time."

Rhodes' balanced perception of the remaining itinerary is right on target as far as first-year head coach Eric Mangini is concerned. Mangini was adamant on maintaining his week by week approach.

"It's the same approach; it really is," Mangini said in his post-game press conference. "As long as we take the same approach and take care of the things that we need to take care of – that is what is important to me. We have to come back and approach the next opponent the same way that we have the previous group of opponents."

The AFC wild card positions are still up for grabs with the Bengals and Jaguars leading the way with 8-5 records. The Jets are still in the thick of things as they share a 7-6 record with the Chiefs and the Broncos after all three teams fell this afternoon. Regardless of what happened around the NFL, Mangini says the focus has to remain on the Jets.

"This is a good illustration of why it doesn't matter what happens outside of what we do here," said Mangini. "If we win the game and take care of the things we need to take care of - that's important. What's important is for us to look at the tape to understand where we made mistakes, to correct those things to make progress to work the same way and come back against Minnesota and play a lot better."

During the game, the final score of the game between Miami and New England was posted and the Meadowlands erupted. The Dolphins blanked the Patriots 21-0, meaning that a Jets win would have put them just one game behind the Patriots for the AFC East title.

"We saw it when we came out on the field," Rhodes said. "But that situation didn't matter anyway. We had to handle ours first and we weren't able to. We're not thinking about it - we have to come out and handle what we can first."

"For us, whatever happens happens," Vilma added. "The best thing is that we only play one game on Sundays and we look forward to that one game."

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