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6 Things We Didn't Know About Jamal Adams

Jets' New 1st-Rounder's Peewee Days Behind, His Big Apple Days Ahead, His Versatility & Confidence


Six quick things we didn't know about safety Jamal Adams, selected by the Jets with the sixth overall pick in tonight's first round of the NFL Draft:

1. Precocious PeeweeJamal displayed his football aptitude before he even got to double digits. reported that at the age of 4, he "audibled" from a sweep for another back to a play fake and keeper — and he ran for the touchdown. At age 7, his vicious hits caused some opposing peewee teams to cut games short.

2. Good SonBoth head coach Todd Bowles and Jets GM Mike Maccagnan talked about Jamal's character off the field. So did his dad, George, earlier this year, who said, "He was always the kid I never had to worry about. I didn't have to get a call in the middle of the night that he was in trouble or locked up. I knew when he went away he was going to be a good kid."

3. Friendly TalkJamal goes by the nickname of J, which might stand for "jaw" since he showed a penchant in his formative football years do some talking on the field. But he insisted he means no disrespect: "Some people see it as bad talk, but it's friendly talk. I was always brought up to have fun out there. It's not cocky or arrogant. I just go out and play the game the way it's supposed to be played."

4. Town and CountryGeorge Adams grew up in Kentucky and Jamal was a high school standout at Hebron High in Carrollton, TX, northwest of Dallas. Nevertheless, Jamal is ready to immerse himself in New York, New York. "I'm a city guy," he explained. "My mom is from Yonkers, NY, my sister is from Jersey, and my pops played for the Giants. I think I have the right people surrounding me to help me get through my new life in the Big Apple, so I'm excited."

5. Versatile and ConfidentBowles said Adams will be playing both safety roles since the Jets' free and strong positions are interchangeable. Adams admits he's been called a box safety and doesn't think that does his game justice. He told USA Today earlier this month, "The safeties that are being recognized are the versatile safeties: the Tyrann Matthieus, the Eric Berrys. Those guys are being paid so high because they can do it all. I think that's what separates me from the safeties in this draft."

6. Numbers GameAdams had it in his mind last year and this year that he was a top-five pick. Asked about that Thursday night by Jets reporters, the young man who wears three silver chains, of a No. 33, a dogtag and a cross around his neck said, "If I sat here and told you I was not surprised, I would be lying. I was definitely surprised that I slipped. But at the same time, everything happens for a reason. God has a plan and I just trust the process."

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