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2013 Tickets: No Price Increases

Team Launches New Early Renewal Prize Program

The New York Jets announced today that ticket pricing will remain flat in 2013 and that they will be lowering the prices on about 5,000 seats combined for season ticket holders in the 300-level and in the clubs at MetLife Stadium for their games in the 2013 season ahead.

The Jets also are announcing a renewal sweepstakes with 2,013 prizes being awarded for early renewal of season tickets. The earlier fans renew, the more times they will be eligible to win prizes. Prizes include autographed items, concert tickets, meet and greets with players and coaches and two Super Bowl tickets. The season ticket payment deadline is May 15.

"Our pricing is remaining unchanged for the coming season, with a few exceptions," team president Neil Glat said. "After taking a look at the entire bowl, we decided to adjust certain prices to improve the value for fans, especially for season ticket holders."

The Jets are adjusting the prices of about 3,000 seats in the 300 level, currently priced at $75, to $50 for season ticket holders, based on the success of last year's sales in the upper level. They are also adjusting the prices for 1,800 seats in the Lexus & Chase Clubs and for about 350 seats in the Coaches Club.

A portion of the Coaches Club is being converted to the new Lower Prime Club. Seats in this area that are currently priced at $700 will be adjusted to $255 for season ticket holders, with all Coaches Club PSLs remaining unchanged. Those affected seats will now have access to Lexus and Chase Clubs.

All of the adjustments are effective immediately and will be reflected in season ticket holder invoices. Season ticket holders who are currently sitting in a price-adjusted area will also receive the savings and the first opportunity to relocate or add seats.

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