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Woody Johnson Sees Better Weather Ahead for Jets

Green & White Owner Talks with Reporters on Variety of Subjects During Owners' Meetings in Boca

Jets owner Woody Johnson, among the team and NFL dignitaries attending the owners' meetings in Boca Raton, FL, this week, was asked today about the last five years of no playoffs for his team. He left no doubt how he felt about that dryspell and the good weather ahead that he sees for the Green & White.

"I don't like droughts," Johnson said. "I want to be in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. That's my desire, and that's what the fans want. But I want the fans to know that we put things in place, including the coaching staff, the scouting staff, Mike [Maccagnan]. We've made, I think, some very significant changes that will evidence themselves."

Specifically, he deflected questions about Ryan Fitzpatrick remaining a free agent and his quarterback position and used the Denver Broncos' defense to illustrate why he's bullish that the aforementioned drought will be busted.

"How did they win last year, at the end? Good 'D', baby, right?" he said. "You want to have that kind of defense, and I think we have the possibility, I think our defense is going to be very, very good. So you have to win where you can win. There's only X number of good quarterbacks in the league, everybody recognizes that. So we have to do what we have to do."

The Jets owner added that in free agency, "we think all the acquisitions we made are going to be helpful to us." He was asked about several outstanding issues with his team and responded with some quick-hitting replies:

On Fitzpatrick negotiations...

"We're speaking to Fitzy's agent, Jimmy [Sexton]. I hope we can come to an agreement. Fitzy had the best year in his career with this coordinator, with Chan [Gailey], and did well for the Jets. But the two sides have to come up with an agreement that obviously both sides are happy with."

Later, Johnson was asked if he had a message for Fitzpatrick. He answered in one sentence: "Come back to the Jets."

On trying to sign DE Muhammad Wilkerson long-term...

"As far as I'm concerned, he's on the team right now. He's a great player. I would love to have him. He had a great year last year — 12 sacks. That little break that he's recovering from, what I'm told is he's recovering very well from that. If he's on, I'm not going to be disappointed at all."

On GM Mike Maccagnan, HC Todd Bowles and this year's draft...

"I have a lot of confidence in Mike and Todd after being with them for now a year. And Mike came in, as new general managers generally do at that time of year, and had to pick all those pieces up and put his team together and evaluate players in last year's draft. Time well tell. It takes a while to figure out whether a draft is good, bad or indifferent, but it looks good so far."

On the fact that with LB Demario Davis and S Antonio Allen leaving for other teams as free agents, the Jets' entire 2012 draft class is gone...

"That wasn't our best effort. ... I don't look back, except to instruct me to go forward."

On how serious the Jets and Giants are in hosting another Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium...

"Yeah, we are as serious as you can get. I think we did a good job [with Super Bowl LXVIII]. Al Kelly [president/CEO of the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee] was amazing, what he did. We raised a ton for charities. We put on a great stage. It wasn't a great game but it was a great stage, and the weather was even extremely good. I would love to do it."

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