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Will Westhoff Get His Bobble Head or Not?

Mike Westhoff, with his gruff, engaging bedside manner and the classic performances of his special teams, has reached a lofty level in Jets history.

But has he attained bobble head status?

We'll all find out in the next three days because the clock is now ticking. The exclusive Westhoff bobble head won't be manufactured unless there's a minimum order of 288 pieces by Wednesday night.

Fans must preorder their Westhoff bobble head only at Jets Shop from now through Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The cost is $25. But fans won't be charged unless the 288 total is reached by the deadline and the order is placed.

And if the number is reached in this 72-hour ordering period and the Coach Westy collectible is manufactured, the bobble head may not be available for purchase again.

How do folks feel about Mike Westhoff being immortalized this way? You can see the coach's quick reaction on the Jets' Facebook page and also on the Jets Shop site.We're reaching out to some of his players for their take. Would they like one of their own, to stick pins in, or to put on a pedestal? And is a Westhoff bobble head made to order for Jets fans? All will be revealed Thursday.

The Westhoff bobble head is one of a series of promotions. If you have a great product idea that would be perfect to promote as a you-decide item for the Green & White, you can let us know by emailing the Jets Shop here.

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