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Where Else Would You Rather Be?

Brandon Moore has started 121 consecutive games, the longest streak by any guard in the National Football League.  The 10-year veteran has battled through many training camp practices, but this dude still has the exuberance of a youngster on the Pop Warner Level.

"When we first went to 9-on-7 period even though it was in full pads, I still get that little feeling in the stomach where you get a little excited," he told me after the team's first workout.  "It's like, 'Where else would you rather be right now?'  I don't know if I'll be saying that in two weeks for 9-on-7, but I still had that feeling that this is where I belong right now.  I'm still excited about it."

And that folks is what you should be pumped up about.  Moore is 32-years-old and he was finally earned his first Pro Bowl appearance after last season.  He could easily float through a workout and most wouldn't notice, but here he is getting butterflies about a drill in July.

The offense was happy with Day 1 and they couldn't have asked for a better start as Mark Sanchez hooked up with Stephen Hill on a long hookup down the right sideline.  Darrelle Revis deflected the ball, but Hill came up with the rock and a tone was set.

"It was light years ahead," Moore said of the offense's play compared to early in the spring.  "The first play with Stephen Hill catching a long pass and I thought the tempo was up with everything.  Guys were pretty familiar with some of the base plays we put in for a first day install."

Revis would come back and intercept Sanchez in 7-on-7 work as both sides made plays this morning.  On Thursday night,  Coach Ryan delivered a loud message to his team.

"Put everything behind us.  It's a new year, it's a new team and keep looking forward.  Come out here and play like the way we know how to play," said David "Hitman" Harris.  "Everybody knows we had a disappointing season last year and it left a bad taste in everybody's mouths this offseason.  We can come out here working hard and prove all our critics wrong."

"I know it sounds cliché, but it was really getting back to playing Jets football," added Moore.  "Being physical, playing great defense, running the football, being efficient — I think those were some of the principles that he kind of reiterated.  He brought up his first meeting when he came in '09, the principles that he felt that were basic for a winning team and reiterated those." Give Me the Damn Mic
We did meet up with Keyshawn Johnson and talked to the former Jets WR at length about this current Jets team and Curtis Martin.   The first part of interview with Key will air tomorrow and then later next week we'll run the second part leading up to Curtis Martin's Hall of Fame Induction.

*Lastly *Thanks for the notes and the questions.  Richard, David Harris will be featured in our "Jetting In Cortland" installment today.  You can contact me via email: eajets**@** or on twitter: @nyjets with the hashtag #EA .

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