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Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now: Brandon Bostick

Catch Up with the the Undrafted Player from Division II Newberry (SC) College


Brandon Bostick didn't give up.

Undrafted out of Division II Newberry (SC) College in 2012, the tight end signed with Green Bay and spent the season on the Packers' practice squad. Appearing in 24 games over their following two seasons, mostly on special teams, he had nine receptions for 123 yards and two touchdowns.

Waived by Green Bay in February 2015, Bostick would spend time with Minnesota and then have two stints on Arizona's practice squad before being released and contacted by New York in December.

"The Jets called, and I tried out, and then they put me on the practice squad," Bostick said. "I finished the last month of the season on the practice squad."

Even after experiencing a whirlwind year that saw him go from the Packers to the Vikings to the Cardinals and then to the Jets, Bostick had a positive mindset when he went to the Green & White's 2016 training camp.

"I knew I had the talent, and I knew the tight end position at the time was open. So I just had to keep working on my blocking, keep working on being consistent," Bostick said. "That's what the coaches always told me, 'You can do it. You have all the skills. I just need you to be the best you can be every day and not be inconsistent.'"

Even though he performed well during training camp and the preseason, Bostick still had to sweat it out on the final day of cuts to see if he made the team and would get the opportunity to return playing in regular-season games again.

"There were five tight ends, but I think two or three of them didn't have the experience I had. So I knew I had that advantage over them. I just had to know the playbook so I could make the squad," Bostick said. "I was looking at my phone all day. I was trying to figure out if I made the team. I was just stressed out, going crazy. I just wanted to know.

"So I finally just texted my (tight ends) coach, Jimmie Johnson, and asked him. And he told me yeah, I made the team. It was very emotional because I knew that might be my last chance. And it was, actually."

During his only season with the Jets and his final one in the NFL, Bostick played in all 16 games, making seven starts, and caught eight passes for 63 yards.

And now five years removed from football; Bostick has gone from gameplans to making plans. Plans how he can help himself as well as others.

"After my career ended, I struggled with mental health and went through depression. I was trying to figure out what's next for me," Bostick said. "And I finally figured out my purpose after football was helping people with the same struggles I had with mental health.

"I wanted to find some way to give back and give me a sense of purpose. So I opened the Sage Elite Healing Mental Health Wellness Facility in Denver, Colorado.

"We first started it in November, and then we got all the funding and the building we needed. But we've already launched virtually. We have a virtual program for therapy, and then we'll have an in-person part. We're going to launch officially in March when we get the building and everything up."

Bostic and his team of licensed therapists and personal trainers believe that the past is no longer a liability, but it's a guidance system. They're dedicated to helping people align their focus with the four realms of healing – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Their objective is to assist those who may be struggling with their mental and physical health and aspire to improve their quality of life. And they've already seen positive results through their virtual programs.

"I do the athletic side, the training and the yoga," Bostick said, "and my team takes care of the mental side of the therapy. We've had podcast opportunities and more people are coming to see us. Our clientele is increasing. We're just trying to get more opportunities, get my name out there, and get what we're doing out there. And I know that will come once we get the building done.

"It makes me feel better about my struggles. I know I'm not the only one. I'm not alone. And I know that I can help other people just by what I've been through, my experiences, and the team that we have at Sage Elite."