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Week Four Power Rankings


Bleacher Report
*Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst *
Jets No. 10
Last week: No. 7
They have to live with stinkers like this. Ryan Fitzpatrick committed turnover after turnover and the Jets lost. His quarterback rating was 18.2. His top receivers, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, caught only four combined passes.
*Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst
*Jets No. 18
Last week: No. 10
Said on the set of "NFL Fantasy Live" on Sunday morning that, every once in a while, Ryan Fitzpatrick will throw a team a few ... errant passes. Wasn't anticipating a six-pick grab bag, however. 

Sports Illustrated
*Chris Burke
*Jets No. 18
Last week: No. 11
It had been nine years since a quarterback (Peyton Manning, of all people, against San Diego) threw six interceptions in a game before Sunday.

Yahoo Sports
*Frank Schwab
*Jets No. 18
Last week: No. 13
Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't seem like the type who will let a six-interception game put him in the tank. But there's no question it was bad.

Real Football Network
*Pat Kirwan
*Jets No. 19
Last week: No. 13

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