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Wednesday Player Interviews


Transcripts of selected interviews with Jets players during locker room media availability before Wednesday's midday practice:    


On the nose tackle position not being a glorious position…

Yes, I know. That is why, when I first got here, I totally understood that this was a grunt position and I just need to do what I have to do to be the best that I can to help the team out. But that is not something that you think you are going to get from a nose tackle position, so I appreciate it.

But still it's like a part of me is in the back of my mind like "OK, you got to shake that off real quick because you might not see this ever again, so enjoy it for a second, breathe." This is the stuff that you talk about when you were tired. This is one of those stories, so I'll save it that special little zip file in the back of my head for one of those war stories when I retire, but I got to keep on playing.

On how his body is holding up…

It's holding [laughing]. It comes with the territory. I don't know a professional athlete at some point that doesn't deal with pain. It happens. I feel good. I am in a good place. Mentally, it makes it a whole lot better so it doesn't hurt as much. That's why they say when you are winning or when you are doing good, it doesn't hurt as much if you're doing bad, so that's why we work and put ourselves out there for.

On if he has received any phone calls from anyone in the league, players or friends about his play…

No, not really because I just changed my number not too long ago so I know a lot of people don't have my new number, but from a lot of my closest friends and everything I have got calls, text messages. People have been showing and supporting everything so it's been cool and I've just been really enjoying it here. I like the whole ride.

On the election…

I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed being able to be alive and see history being made during my generation.

The thing that a lot of people have always stuck on with this election is race and to me it didn't matter. I really just wanted to see the best candidate be elected and the thing is, I think that the best candidate in this election happened to be black or mixed or whatever you want to say, but I think that he is a great man. I think he really kept his cool in a really tough situation and I think as a country that is what we need. We need somebody that is going to be able to keep their cool and be able to think effectively during this time of crisis because we are in a bit of a situation right now with the country.

It's just not one thing, and when I look at the situation I have to be honest and realize what is best for my kids. I think a lot of people sometimes look past a lot of situations in a bigger picture because they are looking out for their personal benefit and I can't be selfish enough to think about keeping all of my money or being in a better tax bracket because I have to make sure that I do my part for the world to be a better place for my kids. And if there is going to be a grown man who is going to step up and try bring in that type of change so my friends can walk around and be comfortable, safe and secure in their lives, then I am going to welcome that and that's it.

I am not looking at this from, like I said, a race standpoint or anything like. I am looking at this as a parent. I am a patriot, I do love my country and I have a brother that is out fighting war and I wish he wasn't there, I wish he was home safe, but I am still going to support them because he chose to stand up in a way that most people are afraid to do and so with that being said, I want what is best for this country and I think as a country we need tighten it up.

It's not just on one person to make a difference. It's not just on one person to be perfect. It's on everybody to make a difference and everybody to understand that one person, even though he is president, he is not going to be perfect, but you still have to support the person that you elect and you have to be there to demand the type of things as a society that you want. I am just trying to be the best person that I can be, honestly.


On Kris Jenkins…

He's been great. I've said it before, it's like playing 12 against 11 right now. He can't really be contained in the middle. You can just see from some of the stats alone. We were one of the worst defenses against the run last year and I think we are like No. 1 now or No. 2 in the league. It's not just him, but him being that cornerstone for our defense has been great for us so far.

On if the Jets are satisfied with being tied for first place…

No, we still have work to do. We are going in the right direction. We got the big win that we wanted last week to prove that we can get it done and that we do belong, but we still have a long way to go this season and I am just going to try to keep playing every week.

On if they can sit back on the Rams…

No, we can't. St. Louis has been playing better since [Jim] Haslett has taken over. They took New England down to the wire. They won one, they beat Dallas pretty bad. The last couple of games with Haslett they've been playing a lot better and they have weapons that can get some stuff done.

On the election…

Like everybody's been saying, it's a new time for everybody. It's a change and I think everybody is ready for this change to come, not just black but white. It's exciting for everybody. Everybody's been pretty much pressing the whole idea of having this guy come in and run our country for us. It's going to be a good thing.

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