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Wave Hello to New Flag Carriers


A new GM. A new coach. Even a new TV station. So why should the flag carriers escape the revolution washing over Jets nation?

They didn't.

If you were at the Miami game, you probably noticed – you must have noticed - a changing of the color guard that has created quite a stir at the Meadowlands. A new squad of female flag carriers relieved their male counterparts last week - and things haven't been the same since.

It's all in good fun. The new crew of female flag carriers, as well as some well-timed pyrotechnics, will make going to a Jets game even better this season.

And don't worry about their male counterparts. It's nothing personal. They are still working hard at the stadium, and it's clear they have a thing or two to teach their successors.

So without further delay:

Alison, a former figure skating instructor and graduate of Fairfield University currently lives in New York City and works in sales. She is a former New York Islanders Ice Girl.

Gina,is a dance teacher and soon to be a nurse from Kings Park, NY, She attends Suffolk Community College. She is also a New York Dragons Fire Dancer. Gina enjoys vacationing in Hawaii. Her favorite CD is Reina and her favorite TV shows are So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.

Jennifer, a teacher's assistant currently attends Dowling College where she is studying elementary education. She received an Associate's Degree from Suffolk Community College. She is a Syosset Ford Ice Girl as well as a New York Dragons Fire Dancer. Jennifer enjoys dancing and vacationing anywhere with a beach. Her favorite movie is The Notebook and her favorite TV show is *Nip/Tuck. *

Meredith is a dental assistant from Medford, NY. She attended Farmingdale State University for Dental Hygiene. She is a Syosset Ford Ice Girl as well as a New York Dragons Fire Dancer. Meredith is a fan of Dave Matthews and Madonna, likes to watch Lost and Entourage and her favorite movie is The Notebook. She enjoys vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee.

Miko lives in Corona, NY and graduated from Syracuse University where she majored in Policy Studies. She is a former New York Dragons Fire Dancer. She is currently a special events consultant and is involved in numerous community programs. Miko enjoys aerobics, dancing kickboxing, cheerleading and songwriting.

Monica is a Queens college student from Bayside, NY who also performs as Syosset Ford Ice Girl and as a New York Dragons Fire Dancer. A communications Disorders Major, she is particularly interested in Business Law, Psycholinguistics and Phonetics. She loves to snowboard and figure skate and won the Senior Ladies Double Gold Medal in Competitive Figure Skating and the 2005 Empire State Games Senior Ladies Silver Medal. She's a fan of Madonna and Bon Jovi, the movies Pretty Woman, The Notebook and Dirty Dancing and has four pets – one dog and three cats.

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