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Top 10 Quotes of #JetsCamp

The Best Sound Bites Throughout 2016 Training Camp


Grand Entrance
"He came in the door at about one minute to seven and said, 'Sorry, I'm late coach.' I told him that's a $12 million dollar fine," Todd Bowles said jokingly when QB Ryan Fitzpatrick walked in the first team meeting.

Dress Rehearsal
"We had a good test for a couple of weeks, but this game with the Giants will be a better test of where we are at," LB David Harris said. "We do watch film before this game and we do a little bit of game-planning. We approach it as almost a regular season game even though it's the preseason. It's a good measuring stick for us."

Patience Is a Virtue"This is the most anxious I've been and the most patience I've had to have with an injury," RB Matt Forte said. "They've had to hold me back, personally, because if not, if it was up to me, I'd be going at it every day to try to be out there on my own terms."

Seeking Advice
"He's getting more confidence in me," DL coach Pepper Johnson said of DL Sheldon Richardson. "He's asking me questions and he's kind of referring to me now more than what he did last year and trying to get some things accomplished himself. I just try to relate to him that I'm here to help."

Curb Your Conservative Playbook"A lot of trickery, a lot of disguises," Larry David said regarding his personal offensive philosophy. "You're not even going to know where the ball is half the time. It's going to be so much handing off and flipping and darting this way and that way, you're not going to know anything. They're going to be on their heels, they're never going to be able to defend it."

Unleash The Beast"Everything is speeding up for me actually. I don't have to play slow anymore or think as much," second-year DL Leonard Williams said. "I'm just more comfortable with this defense, more comfortable with my teammates, coaches, the system, everything. It's just a lot faster."

Evolution of The Offense
"Chunk plays are awesome, those explosive plays," said QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. "You have to be so efficient on each drive if you're dinking and dunking and continuing to get two, three yards on first [and] second down, converting third downs. So, those chunk plays make it a little bit easier to put points on the board. I think we're just going to continue to get better at that."

Turning the Corner"Yeah, he's going to contribute big-time," said DL Sheldon Richardson of LB Darron Lee. "I told him to be patient with it, it's all going to slow down eventually. The more you know the playbook in and out, the more it will slow down for you because you'll start to process the game of football and how they're attacking your defense."

Knowledge Is Power
"I think they really want to see me master it before I have to go out and do something. I think that's really cool because that's a first for me," QB Christian Hackenberg said. "You know what I mean? My freshman year I got crammed into a study session of a system in college and then the following year I had to learn one in basically an offseason as well. Being able to really just take my time, digest it, and not be forced to go through a crash course with it is pretty cool."

Equal Share
"Our reps, I'd say they're exactly the same," T Ben Ijalana said regarding the right tackle competition with Brent Qvale. "We alternate days [with the ones] but at the end of the day we get the same reps, the same amount with the ones, the same with the twos, the same with the threes."

The Best Snapshots from 2016 Training Camp

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