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Thursday Player Interviews


Transcripts of interviews with selected Jets players during locker room media availability before Thursday's midday practice:    


On if he feels it's time for him to get back on the field…

I think I felt it was about time two days after it happened. I was like "OK, I missed two practices." I wanted it to be as quick as possible. I was just saying earlier that I have been working very hard while I am not on the field. Everyone in this whole facility is saying "Be smart. Make sure you're ready to go."

It's one of those things where you can't get out there unless you are 100 percent, in my opinion, when it comes to kicking. I think as long as you work hard while you're not on the field, that always helps day in and day out.

On if the rehab process is going smoothly…

Yes, I'm just trying to get out there this week in practice and keep building strength. This is my first time really being injured in my career playing football my whole life. I've learned that it's not only getting better, getting better from an injury, it's also keeping the strength, building strength back up. I think I've been working really hard on that and on getting the strength back.

On if he feels his strength in his leg is all back…

It's going to take a lot of work and kind of day in and day out, see how it feels on the field.

On if there has been a steady progression…

I think some days you will be ready to go, some days you have to really listen to your body because you'll probably try to jump in and kind of overcome how your body might feel, but you just hear what a lot of guys say, guys you talk to throughout your career of playing, be smart if something happens, make sure you are healthy, especially if you are a kicker.

If you go out on the field unhealthy, where you place the ball is really going to make a big effect on field position. If you're not healthy enough to be out there on the field but you are out, there it makes it hard on the rest of the guys running down on kickoff.


On if the defense will need to key in on the Rams' big-play offense…

Yes, definitely. They are a vertical passing team. They do a lot of play action so as the secondary we have to stick on our guys and read our keys well because we know they are going to run the ball with Steven Jackson. He's a bruiser. In the back end we just have to focus on the receivers and let Kris Jenkins and those guys handle their part, the rush.

On if the secondary's job is to minimize the deep pass…

I am not going to say minimize. We are going to go out there and focus on what we've got to do and the defensive schemes the coaches draw up. Right now that is what we are going to focus on. We always said this is like an everyday thing with us. Let those guys on the defensive line handle the rush and we handle the pass.

On the victory at Buffalo…

It was a big game for us last week, but now we are focusing on this week with the Rams and we made a couple plays in that game and we just have to keep it going, keep making plays, keep getting sacks, keep getting strip-sacks and keep getting interceptions.

On if he has a taste for getting to the quarterback…

Only when my number is called. That was a game plan situation, but I probably won't be doing that anymore, hopefully.

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