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Thursday Player Interviews


Transcripts of selected interviews of Jets players during media availability in the locker room before Thursday's midday practice:    


On how satisfying it is to see all of his hard work paying off…

It's very satisfying. I learned that lesson when I was back in college. I had a really good year my junior year and my senior year I didn't put in as much work as I should have. Different things happen and I saw what happened.

Realizing when I work hard I can play football, that's a God-given talent. I can do that. When I do the extra work, extra studying, and physically prepare myself, it definitely can give me an advantage. Seeing that actually turn over is satisfying for me, and knowing that if I keep doing that it will keep turning over for me.

On how much it would mean to get a win this weekend…

It's huge. You want to win every game you play, especially with a situation like this going into the bye week. Having to win is big for us and coming home and playing in front of our fans. The last time we played in front of these guys we lost to New England.


On if facing the Cardinals receivers will be the biggest challenge yet…

I think so. Watching film on those guys, Kurt Warner throws the ball up to them. They have great ball skills and they move them around. They move Anquan Boldin around in the slot sometimes to give him mismatches with linebackers and other players. Larry Fitzgerald is more of the deep-ball guy. Just throw it up and he'll go and make spectacular catches.

On if the new rule change impacts the Cardinals wide receiving corps…

This is a bigger receiving corps that we are going up against, even their backups. They are big and are about 6'3", 220 pounds, strong runners, powerful, and they can go up and catch the ball. It's going to be a physical game for us.

On how big it would be to come out with a win this weekend…

This would be a big win for us to get the fans rowdy, keep the energy up and positive. When we lost to San Diego, even though they were 0-2, their fans were ready to go, excited, and there was a lot of energy. That is what we are trying to do. We are trying to get back and move forward.


On if strength is more important than speed from an NFL receiver's standpoint…

It definitely helps, but with those two guys [Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald], they definitely complement each other. One of them is tall and one of them is fast.

On how much of a different challenge is it when the receivers are so physical…

It's not much of a challenge. It's more of how you change your game plan for them. They are going to be physical. You are going to have to get up there and be as physical as they are and let them know you are going to be there the whole game.

On if he is feeling more comfortable at safety…

I feel a lot more comfortable this week than I did last week. Last week was great, but this week has to be better.

On if he feels more comfortable in any of those positions…

As of right now, anywhere I am I like it. It doesn't matter where I am at as long as I am on the field. That's what makes a difference to me.

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