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THE REX BOX: Snappy Campers


If there is any coach in any sport who's more positive about his players than Rex Ryan is about his Jets, we haven't heard him yet. Rex had his Ryan takes on two players from today's late-morning news conference that fans are highly interested in: LB Vernon Gholston and WR Chansi Stuckey.

On Gholston, ticketed to start at outside linebacker for Calvin Pace in the first four games of the regular season:

"Is it me, or is it just amazing how it happens, but is Vernon Gholston looking better to anybody in this room? Like everybody? That's a positive. That's a real positive. This guy is getting better and he's more confident. He's one of the guys and he's physical. He's doing everything that we have hoped for at this point. We'll see how he does moving forward. I'm really encouraged by him and pleased with him. He's playing physical, more productive on the pass rush, setting up games, communicating with his teammates, just everything. He's really coming on. You expect a player to make a jump from his first to second year and he definitely is doing that. He's looking great."

And on Stuckey, fighting with a number of Jets wideouts to become the No. 2 receiver and thus a regular starter opposite Jerricho Cotchery:

"I thought Stuckey really was the one that stood out to me today. He made some great catches and got open a bunch. We know he is doing a great job. He is having a great camp. So I was happy to see that. I challenged the defense and told them, 'You know, you haven't put it all together yet.' They've had their moments, but I was just like 'Shoot, I haven't seen a complete day out of your group yet.' I'm really challenging those guys. I had to stir it like some hornets out there."

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