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THE REX BOX: Reflections on 4


Tuesday's NFL feeding frenzy, of course, was Brett Favre's return to football, and to the team he wanted all along after Green Bay parted ways with him a year ago, the Minnesota Vikings.

Rex Ryan took a few questions at today's news conference about Favre, who asked for and was given his release from the Jets' reserve/retired list on April 28.

"Our decision, once we drafted Mark Sanchez — we couldn't afford Brett," Rex said. "You know how I talked about him when I first got here. I would've loved if Brett Favre was our quarterback. But the way it worked, when he decided he was done, we went to the draft, and when we drafted Sanchez, we were out of that business. Would I have tried to convince him to come back? That's speculation. I don't know."

As Ryan said, the Jets moved forward without Favre, who was a retiree until Tuesday, when he was suddenly a Viking.

"I'm sure he's happy," Ryan said. "He's in Minnesota and we wish him the best there. I'm happy we don't have to play him. He's a great quarterback. I'm excited about the guys we have, the guys that are Jets. It would've been great to coach Brett Favre, but I'm happy coaching the guys we have right now."

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