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THE REX BOX: Calling All Fans


Rex Ryan, less than two hours after his offense and defense got physical with each other at this morning's practice, invited fans to come out Tuesday morning for Round 2.

No, not for another donnybrook, melee or brouhaha. For the first goal-line and short-yardage drills of camp.

"I think the grass field will be on tomorrow," Ryan said at his daily news conference, referring to the SUNY Cortland grass field that has been resodded so the Jets can work on it. "If we are, there is going to be goal line and short yardage, so if fans want to come out to see a practice, I think tomorrow will be a good one to watch."

As veteran camp observers know, this is not a Rex mix-it-up kind of thing. All NFL head coaches go for pad-popping and takedowns for these drills.

"The only way you can practice short yardage and goal line is full live contact," he said. "We're finally on the grass so we'll start tackling. What's funny is that sometimes when you do these, I am anticipating a DB will forget that it is a live drill and forget to tackle him. We have to do some tackling now. We have to get used to tackling and all of that kind of stuff."

Tuesday's morning practice will start at 8:20 a.m.

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