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The Coordinators' Corner


The Jets' coordinators — Brian Schottenheimer (offense), Mike Pettine (defense) and Mike Westhoff (special teams) — speak with reporters every week. Here are highlights from their Thursday afternoon news conferences:


Quarterback Mark Sanchez's ability to throw the ball on the run was on full display against San Diego when he hit Dustin Keller in the back of the end zone for a 2-yard TD early in the fourth quarter.

"It's one of the first things that we noticed watching him on film at USC," said Schottenheimer. "A lot of guys can throw on the run to their right, a lot of guys struggle going to their left. There's a guy that we saw that whether he was going right, left, short, deep, intermediate, it doesn't matter.

"He just has the ability to get his body turned and make great throws on the move. It's not easy. We don't spend a lot of time coaching it. It's a thing a guy has or he doesn't."

Coach Schotty used to be the offensive coordinator on San Diego's staff. After the win on Sunday, head coach Rex Ryan decided to send Marty Schottenheimer, the OC's father, a game ball. Marty was the Chargers' head coach in '06 when they went 14-2 but lost to New England at home in the divisional round and he was fired.

"He always said he never wanted his legacy to be defined by wins and losses," Brian said about his father. "He said he wanted his legacy to be defined by what people say about him or what his players felt about him, about what his coaches felt about him. I think in that regard he's one of the best of all time. He doesn't have a Super Bowl ring but he handled those losses I think with dignity and respect and class.

"That meant a lot to me and my father that Rex took the time out to think of that. It just shows the type of person we work for. He's just a great guy and he gets it. There's balance in his life. He realizes how important people are. If I wasn't his biggest fan then, I am now."


Ryan has made it no secret that he's a superstitious person. Pettine has been around him for years and seen some of his strangest superstitions.

"Do you want the whole list," the DC said, "or just the Top Ten?

"The one thing he used to do is he used to wear Converse sneakers to training camp all the time. Then all of a sudden it came out that coaches had to wear Reebok so he wasn't allowed to wear them anymore. So he would bring them out to practice and sit them on the practice field."

During the Jets' run it's been a certain piece of clothing that Coach has refused to wash — a blue Titans of New York sweatshirt you might have seen him wear at some news conferences that has "a strategically placed stain" on it.

Defensive end Shaun Ellis has been limited in practice with his broken left hand but said he will play in Sunday's game. Pettine said it's obviously going to be difficult for him to be his usual self but that he feels great with the line rotation filling in for him when needed.

"We've always rotated those guys anyway," said Pettine. "It's hard with Shaun lacking the ability to be able to grip. We're going to have to limit his reps some. But between Mike [DeVito] and Sione [Pouha] and Marques [Douglas], I think we'll be fine as far as keeping those reps up."


Opposing teams have missed their last five field goal tries against the Jets. The last field goal that successfully went through the uprights was a 22-yarder by Adam Vinatieri in the second quarter of the Week 16 contest at Indianapolis.

Westhoff says that the kick-block unit has something to do with that.

"It's an extension of our defense. We rush hard every single time," he said. "I thought the first kick last week, Bryan Thomas was going to block it. He swam around the guy and came right in and the ball just barely missed his hand.

"If you watch the tape week after week like all teams do, you know you're just going to get hit every time. Mike DeVito knocks somebody back every time and we pressure them. We don't always get there but we press them.

"I believe subconsciously you look at it and you go, 'Whoa, wait a minute, I don't have all day,' " Westhoff said. "I think it affects a rhythm where they're a little bit quicker than what they normally want to be. If your not, you'll get it blocked. Whether that's it, I can't really say, but I know one thing — our guys really come hard."

Also, Westhoff said Marques Murrell, who had been inactive the past six games, will be active this week.

"This week it fits into what we want," the coach said. "He'll be active and have a viable role."

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