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The Coordinators' Corner


The Jets' coordinators — Mike Pettine (defense), Brian Schottenheimer (offense) and Mike Westhoff (special teams) — speak with reporters every week. Here are highlights of their news conferences Thursday afternoon:    


Pettine reiterated the sentiment that head coach Rex Ryan expressed earlier this week about the chance to play Miami so soon after the defense gave up 413 yards three games ago.

"It's your competitive nature as a coach," said the DC. "It's embarrassing, humiliating. That was a tough loss."

"They played well," he said of the Dolphins. "That's a solid offensive line. You've got two Pro Bowl running backs and an underrated fullback."

But Pettine suggested fullback Lousaka Polite isn't living up to his name.

"He's not polite," said Pettine. "I think he kind of goes under the radar of those other two guys."

The last time the division rivals matched up, second-year QB Chad Henne threw for 241 yards and two TDs. The DC gave Henne his props, but mentioned the threat of the Wildcat as a big factor in his success. 

"A lot of coverage was geared to stop the run," he said. "You can't play receivers and get double coverage when you're trying to stop the run."

The coordinator was pleased with the performance of the guys filling in for DT Kris Jenkins last week but said the 'Fins' offense is a different challenge than the Raiders.

"It was good to see those guys step up. They're a prideful group and I think they stepped up to the challenge," he said. "I think this is a much bigger test for us this week."


How could anyone not have been awed at the play of Shonn Greene in his first major role in a professional game — 19 carries for 144 yards and two TDs — stepping in for the injured Leon Washington as Thomas Jones' complement. Schottenheimer wasn't completely taken aback, mentioning that Greene was the same player they'd seen excel in training camp and that "he was just in a crowded backfield."

"To go out there and do what he was able to do without too much work at practice is pretty impressive," said the OC. "His talent speaks for itself."

Greene is getting in the work this week along with the rest of the first-teamers. With a full week of practice, just imagine what the Jets' third-round rookie is capable of.

"The running game is no different than the passing game. We're going to feature things that your players do well," said Coach Schotty. "He does most everything pretty well along with Thomas so there isn't much that we have to create."

It hurts losing Washington because of his versatility. Schottenheimer said, "You don't replace Leon with one guy" but that "he'll still help us in a lot of ways. Whether it is talking to the younger players like Shonn, he'll still be a big part of what we're doing."


There is no plan to work Justin Miller in slowly, at least not as a kickoff returner. Even though he has only been at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center for three days, he's Westhoff's guy this week against the Dolphins when it comes to returns.

"He's looked good in practice," said Westhoff. "To me it's worth giving him a shot."

The new No. 32 brings a different strength to the unit than the injured Washington did.

"He's a little more adept at the open-field thing," said Westhoff. "He's wide and strong, and he can run."

Once again last week the Jets ran a successful fake punt, their third of the season, a 16-yard run by Steve Weatherford. Westhoff was happy with the result, but if you'd seen his face immediately after, you wouldn't have thought the coordinator approved of the decision.

Westhoff said he has a "set of parameters" for Weatherford, giving him the option on certain punts of calling an audible or an "alert" when he sees a certain defense. But it was the field position that had Westhoff a bit on edge at first when No. 9 came to the sideline.

"We were on the 10-yard line and I wasn't exactly thinking that would take place," he said.

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