The Coordinators' Corner


The Jets' three coordinators — Mike Pettine (defense), and Brian Schottenheimer (offense) —speak with reporters every week. Here are some highlights of Pettine's and Schottenheimer's news conferences Thursday afternoon. Westhoff is expected to speak with reporters Friday:


QB Chad Henne made his first career start last week against Buffalo in Miami's impressive 38-10 victory at Land Shark Stadium. Henne went 14-for-22 for 115 yards and a TD in the victory.

After playing against four experienced quarterbacks — Matt Schaub, Tom Brady, Kerry Collins and Drew Brees — the Jets will next face someone without extensive experience, and also with little video of him to watch.

"We've looked at the preseason tape that he's been in there," said Pettine. "We've obviously studied the Buffalo game and the half of the game before that that he played."

What may have been overlooked is that the Bills sacked Henne six times last week. And a big thing for the Jets this week is that they get one of their biggest pass rushers back in LB Calvin Pace.

Pace finished second on the Jets last season with a career-high seven sacks and added 67 tackles, five forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries.

"We joked as defensive coaches when he trotted out on the field that we all became better coaches," said Pettine. "To find a guy that big and strong, but he's also that athletic and has the instincts that he has, he's one of our top guys on defense and he was sorely missed in this first quarter of the season. He's going to jump right in as the Sam linebacker. He's going to be a big part of our sub package as a defensive end."

Without him in the lineup, the Jets D has four sacks, but they have pressured the QB well in forcing four interceptions in the first four games, and the opponents' combined passer rating against the unit is 57.4.

"I know Rex gets hung up on the sack production," said Pettine. "And hopefully with Calvin coming back those sack numbers will go up. That way I can keep the head coach out of my office."


WR Braylon Edwards is fresh to the Jets facility but not to their playbook. Not only is he expected to play Monday but he also will not be limited in the play selection.

"It is interesting because he has a pretty good grasp of what we're doing. It's probably a unique situation," said Schottenheimer. "The coordinator two years ago in Cleveland, Rob Chudzinski, comes from San Diego. We were in San Diego together. A lot of the terminology, some of it is identical, a lot of it is close."

The coordinator said Edwards had a great practice Thursday and is not worried one bit by the drops that may have plagued the wideout the past two years.

"It is amazing, even in the walkthrough, going through some things with Braylon and Mark [Sanchez], little code words and tags like "Hey, you want to me to poster this?', it was like, wow, he knows that," said Schotty. "Really sharp guy. He's ahead just because when we call things, he's heard it called before. It's not 100 percent, but there is quite a bit of carryover."

Schottenheimer doesn't expect Edwards to be the top concern for the Dolphins D this week but rather what it has been for the four other opponents — the Jets' running game and their rookie QB.

It was hard for the OC to split up the carries among Thomas Jones, Leon Washington and rookie Shonn Greene when the Jets had the ball for only 53 plays last week. From here on out they're going to have to fight for those carries through their performance on the field.

"We always try to give the ball to the guy that has the hottest hand," Schotty said. "We'll have a plan for those three guys. We'll try to feature the things that they do well in the running game and try to get them all off to a good start. It's kind of fun. It makes it a battle in between a battle."

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