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The Best of This Week's EA Podcast

Top 5 Highlights from Chad Pennington and Bart Scott’s Podcast with Eric Allen


Chad's Take**Gap Between Fitzpatrick and Petty

*"In my opinion, you don't just play players to play them or to see what they have. Right now, it is obvious that the discrepancy between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Bryce Petty is large. There's a huge difference there, and how the offense operates with Ryan in the game versus Bryce in the game. That's only from watching Bryce play in one game but you can just tell, and I would imagine that's what the coaching staff feels as well. It's funny that we say we need to give players a chance to develop, but the problem is that down the road those losses still count on that team and that coach. There's no hall pass given to a coach when he endures six losses because he was trying to play a young player and develop him. When it's time to evaluate (the coach) they look at those things, they do, and fans do even more. As a coach and as a staff you are trying to win games period. Development comes second."


*"Efficiency and consistency. As far as efficiency with Bryce is concerned, in the game that he played in, the easy ones weren't hit enough. Where with Ryan, the easy ones are hit 85-90% of the time. In the NFL, you have got to hit the easy ones. You have got to make those "gimme" throws, you have got to make those layups because if you don't it makes your job as an offense more difficult…with Ryan the tougher throws, and tougher reads are being made more consistently as well. So you're looking at an offense that's just more efficient and one that has the opportunity to be more competitive.

*The Final 5 Games

*"As a fan, and I'm a fan as well, we are so programmed to be instantly gratified and we use this game as entertainment. Now as a coach, as a player, and as an owner this isn't just entertainment. This isn't instant gratification. This is about creating consistency, efficiency and longevity. Changing and creating a culture doesn't happen in a week, or a month, or even a year. It takes years. And numerous experiences, and highs, and lows to create the type of culture that you want to create longevity. It takes time for the organization to be what fans want the organization to be. Through that, turnover of coaches, players and employees does not create the culture that you're looking for. All turnover, to me, says as a decision maker is that I am a poor decision maker. If I'm turning it over all the time, then I'm not making the decisions before the decisions."

*Bart's TakeBreakdown of Darron Lee's Performance Against the Patriots. 

*"It's about the details. It's a game of inches, and about twenty inches cost the Jets an opportunity. It's not about the inability to make the play. It's about the technique and the awareness. This thing is 80% mental. We know he has the athleticism and the ability, but now we just need to fine-tune it and polish up that diamond. That comes with time and experience."

*Monday Night Football

*"It's Monday Night Football man. This is where you get that respect. You're playing against your peers. Like, 'Man do you see this Quincy Enunwa? Man, I haven't had time to watch him because we play at the same time, but this dude is a beast. He's a stretched-out Anquan Boldin.'"     *

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