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Take Flight: New Jets Uniforms Another Symbol of a New Era

CEO Christopher Johnson: ‘It Was Time for a New Jets'


It all started five years ago when Jets owners Woody and Christopher Johnson had a vision for the future of their team. This vision not only involved a new uniform look but also encompassed the overall brand, appearance and feel of the New York Jets.

"It was time for a new uniform. It was time for a new Jets," said CEO Christopher Johnson, months before the Jets' new look was unveiled at Gotham Hall Thursday night in Manhattan. "And I think it's extraordinary that given all this time it's taken to get to this point, we are now as a team on the cusp of what I think is a new era. And it's most appropriate that we're going to start that era with a new uniform, a new look. I'm really excited about it."

With some of the most recent moves like the hiring of head coach Adam Gase, the addition of one of the NFL's top offensive threats in RB Le'Veon Bell, and the pickup of four-time Pro Bowl LB C.J. Mosley, the Jets are most definitely beginning anew. And it all started with just a few simple ideas.

"I think the initial goals were let's be very forward thinking, let's be fan-friendly, let's really think about the future while at the same time trying to respect the history," said Jets President Neil Glat. "So it's trying to strike that balance as we freshen the uniform, the logo and the entire branding experience around the team."

Following an extended creative process, Jets ownership and executives collaborated with the NFL and Nike to identify three colors that will define the next generation of New York Jets football: Gotham Green, Spotlight White and Stealth Black. In addition to the implementation of black into the overall color scheme, the Gotham Green was a shade developed exclusively for the Jets. The font will be edgy and unique, and the city that inspired it all — NEW YORK — will be stitched across the chest of each jersey.

"It's a statement about the future. I think it's a statement about how we want to be perceived as a little bolder, a little more innovative and a little greater," Glat said. "I don't want to interpret too much into uniforms and logos but we think that's what we're trying to capture and hopefully that gets reflected on the field."

See the Top Images of the New Uniforms

Creating a fresh look for a brand and team as big as the New York Jets wasn't a simple task. Since the Joe Namath era, the franchise has been an iconic symbol of the New York area.

"From the beginning, we've heard from ownership what they wanted to do and why they wanted to do this," said NFL Brand Director James Carmichael. "That's ultimately about the fan at the end of the day and reflecting them and giving them something to really feel proud about."

The development and discussions of trying to make the feel and design of the new uniforms authentic to the fan base began back in 2014. After five years of trial and error, open discussions, small tweaks and analyzing details, there is confidence that the team landed in the right spot for the finished product.

"From the beginning, we wanted these new uniforms to have more of a New York grit to them," said Johnson. "I'll know that we've succeeded when I see a kid wearing one of our jerseys on the subway with his buddies or her buddies. That's the New York grittiness that I love. It was that resiliency of New York, the toughness of New York that really inspired me. That's what I'm hoping that we have in these new uniforms."

The new uniforms became official Thursday evening as a number of players including QB Sam Darnold and S Jamal Adams walked out in the innovative colors, style and logo. It was a celebration of a beginning for a team and an organization setting a new course.

"We've got the young quarterback, we've got the new coach, the theme of this team is 'Take Flight'. We're ready to enter a new era," Johnson said. "I think that this new uniform symbolizes that."

Full Details of Uniforms:

  • Three new colors: Gotham Green, Spotlight White and Stealth Black
  • "Gotham Green" is a brighter, more modern green developed exclusively for the Jets
  • "Spotlight White" is an evolution of the traditional white uniform
  • "Stealth Black" is a new statement color, adding to the traditional green and white uniforms
  • "New York" is stitched across the chest, as a declarative representation of NYC
  • "Jet Edge" is the foundational design feature on all three uniforms, inspired by relentless speed and the Jets taking flight
  • Uniforms will feature new Jets font for numbers and nameplates

Nike Vapor Untouchable Jersey Technology:

  • Nike's lightest weight jersey designed with 100% 4-way stretch woven fabric that repels water and wicks moisture
  • Fewer fabric panels and minimal seams for improved stretch, mobility, range of motion and durability
  • Laser perforations across uniform and a vented neck grille at the neckline for improved breathability, cooling and durability
  • Shrink-wrap fit, resulting in fewer grab points for the opposing team and designed to keep padding in place
  • These uniforms are Nike's most technologically advanced uniforms to date


  • The new helmets will feature a dynamic shell shine and the updated secondary logo

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