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Sunday Player Interviews


Transcripts of interviews with selected Jets players after Sunday's morning training camp practice:    


On Dwight Lowery's progress…

Lowery's a great player and he's going to be a great corner in this league. He was going through the rookie thing. [The coaches] were getting on him hard. Guys like me and Kerry [Rhodes] were coming up to him, telling him to relax and we were helping him through it. I don't think he should have not started. It's a business and he has to live with it as well as much as we do as a team. He's progressing, he had a great OTA. Now coming into camp, this is only the third day. I'm sure he has strides to improve.

He has learned a lot of things. This year, he's at a lot more positions. They have him blitzing, I'm sure he's going to have a ton of sacks this year, blitzing off the edges. He covers well in the slot, too. He's behind Lito [Sheppard] and me as well. If one of us goes down, I hope we don't [laughs], but he's one of those guys that can come in there and fill the void. He can start as well. There's nothing wrong with Dwight Lowery starting.

On if he hopes to see more balls thrown his way…

I hope I see balls no matter what. I hate when quarterbacks don't throw the ball to my side because I want to compete. I think we have a couple of good corners — me, Sheppard, Lowery, Marquice Cole, Drew Coleman. We have some good corners. They're going to have to throw the ball sooner or later.


On getting a lot of reps…

I'm happy. I'm a firm believer that opportunity is the key to life. With that being said, I'm getting an opportunity to get out there and play ball, do what I do best, so I'm happy about that. I want to continue to help my team and my defense making plays wherever I can.

On the facilities at Cortland…

I mean, it's great. The fan support, the fact that we're all the way out here in Cortland and the fans have to come out here and the fans in this area are happy that we're out here, its great fan support. The facilities here are great. I was surprised it's a Division III college because they have a great turf field, a great grass field, great locker rooms. I mean, they have everything that we need to be successful during training camp, so I'm happy about that.

On interacting with the fans…

It's kind of broken down to where each position signs autographs every day. The fact that DBs got to sign autographs the other day, we got offensive linemen out there now. You get to talk to the fans, they get to tell you where they came from. There was one guy who told me he drove up from North Carolina just for training camp, and you know, that's a true Jets fan right there. Being able to interact with the fans and talk to them, it's great.

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