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Summer Q&A: Revis, Harris


This is one in a series of quick-hitting question-and-answer sessions with New York Jets players that has been running the past several weeks as we head toward training camp. Today: the Jets' top two draft picks, cornerback Darrelle Revis and linebacker David Harris:


How did you end up with uniform No. 24?

Well, I had No. 25 in college, but coming here, Kerry [Rhodes] had that number. There were only a couple numbers I could pick, so I just picked No. 24. It's a good number. Ty Law wore it, he's from my hometown [Aliquippa, Pa.], so I just figured I'd wear it.

How were all the off-season OTA and minicamp practices for you?

It's been great. We've gotten a lot of work out of it, including me, just coming in as a rookie trying to progress to be a better football player.


Could you talk a litte about the camaraderie among the Jets rookies?

The rookies spend a lot of time together. We're pretty close as a unit. We eat together, we watch TV together. It's a band of brothers, I guess. We're all in together going through the same things away from home. We have a new system and are adapting. We lean on each other for support.

What will you be doing in the few weeks away before returning for training camp?

I will probably go to my hometown [Grand Rapids, Mich.] and hang out with my family for a little bit. I'll probably just hang around with friends and family and enjoy the time off.

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