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Summer Q&A: Leonard Peters

This is one in a series of quick-hitting question-and-answer sessions with New York Jets players that will run occasionally during the next several weeks as we head toward training camp. Today: Rookie free agent safety Leonard Peters:    

How did you end up with uniform No. 43?

t was a number given to me. I didn't choose it, but it wouldn't matter if it was 00. I am just trying to get on the team. All through high school and Pop Warner and college, I had No. 42 just because I had it when I was younger. But it doesn't matter what number I get

Will you be going back to Hawaii once you get some time away from the training complex?

I am going home. They let us go home on the 6th [of July], so I am looking forward to that. They said there are a lot of beautiful beaches here, but I think I'll wait until I get home to go to the beach. Plus I didn't have time to go here, but I'd love to check it out and see it. We are getting a little bit more free time, so we'll go check it out sometime.

Do you have any specific plans when you get home?

I miss my family. It's a close-knit family, so I'll go back and play with my nieces and nephews before we have to come back and work again.

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