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STS*: Chris Pantale Steps Up to Active Roster

*Special Teams Saturday

TE Chris Pantale is likely very happy to be the newest member of our 53-man roster after being signed from our practice squad Wednesday, but you wouldn't know it from speaking to him as he was as quiet, calm and laid back as ever before.

"It's an accomplishment, but it hasn't really soaked in yet," he said. "I'm sure in the offseason it's something I'll reflect on, but there's a task at hand and this is just one small step. I've got to keep progressing and make the most of this opportunity because in the NFL, it might not be here to stay."

For whatever outward enthusiasm Pantale may have been lacking, however, P Ryan Quigley, his roommate both now and at Boston College, more than made up for it.

"It's awesome," Quigley said with a wide smile. "I am so happy for him. You can ask anybody from BC, there's not a guy that dedicates more time as far as what he puts in during practice, after practice and during the offseason. He kind of motivated me when we were in college because I'd always see him going to work out so I'd be like, 'Dang! All right, I guess I have to go do something, too.' He's always been that kind of leader."

How much playing time he'll get remains to be seen, but either way he won't be hard to miss standing at 6'5" and 254. The undrafted free agent rookie has changed his uniform number from 44, so if you see No. 83 running under kicks for the special teams against the Dolphins, you'll know Pantale is making his pro debut.

As a native of Wayne, NJ — a 25-minute drive from MetLife Stadium — playing for his hometown Jets makes things even more meaningful for Chris Pantale.

"I feel like just being around the area, people have a closer eye on you so they can watch you grow and stuff like that, and they've been watching your progress," he said. "People want to see you succeed so it's probably gratifying to them, too, to see someone from their hometown make it to this level."

The odds are that those in Wayne won't be hearing the good news directly from Chris, though. Quigley only found out about his close friend's promotion when a former college teammate texted him.

"Of course he wouldn't tell me," Quigley said. "That's just Chris."

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