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Some Cotchery Thoughts on Sanchez, Favre


One bit of wisdom I used to hear (and relied upon from time to time) back in my previous life as a beatwriter was: "When in doubt, write the quarterback."

The QB remains a hot story subject in the Jets locker room this week, now with the Green & White veterans having returned from a postdraft break to resume their strength and conditioning program and, next week, to begin a month of OTA sessions culminating in all the QBs and everyone else on the roster participating in the June 9-11 mandatory minicamp.

Jerricho Cotchery got questions from both directions today, on the new guy coming in (Mark Sanchez) and on the graybeard who's not coming back to the Jets but may or may not be staging another career comeback (Brett Favre).

On Sanchez, J-Co said the thing that impressed him was No. 6's accuracy.

"I watched the rookie minicamp, the practices, on film," he said. "I saw some of those same things when he was able to put the ball where he wants to put it. Philip Rivers was an accuracy guy. He was able to put the ball wherever he feels. I saw some of those same things on film when I was watching."

Cotchery referred to Rivers, the San Diego quarterback, because the two used to play pitch-and-catch at North Carolina State. And he said Sanchez's accuracy isn't the only thing that reminds him of Rivers.

"Rivers is a natural leader," he said, "and you can sense some of those things about Sanchez. Hopefully, those leadership qualities that he has can apply to helping us win some games."

Cotchery wasn't asked about Kellen Clemens, but he's stressed the faith he has in KC in earlier news conferences. In any event, Clemens spoke with reporters for the first time since the drafting of Sanchez. Eric Allen's story on Clemens' latest comments will be on the home page shortly, and the Clemens transcript will be available Friday morning.

As for Favre, several Jets were asked their impressions of the reports that No. 4 is meeting with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Cotchery said he hadn't heard from Favre personally that he wants to come back but has heard the same reports.

"I know he still has some good football left in him," the wideout said. "He'd be playing in a dome, with a team set up to make a good run. ... We're set up to make a good run also."

And that's the important thing. Favre will do what Favre does, but the Jets, with the QBs and the rest of the players they've got now, in the Year 1 A.F. (after Favre), still believe they're in that position as well. It's encouraging to hear.

Boland: See Ya!

Here's a difficult farewell and figurative man-hug to Erik Boland, who's been reassigned by Newsday from the Jets beat to the Yankees beat. Erik is a smart, insightful, personable kind of fellow. And as Albert Brooks once said (but not about Boland), "He's a witty guy."

Let's see. Boland moved onto the Jets beat only last year and now, because the Yankees writer is leaving, Newsday is going to set back two beats in its sports section with new reporters. But at least Newsday knows talent when it has it, and Boland will get up to speed with the Pinstripes quickly. Hope you negotiated that combat pay, E-Bola.

Intruder Alert

Radar commenter Ross sent me an email with a fair observation earlier today:

Randy, Do we really need to post the #2dollfan's posts on here? I realize the only thing offensive about them is the childish way they are written but it is kind of annoying to me as a Jets Fan.

My thoughts have always been to treat all comments the same. As long as they meet the Radar's standards (no obscenities, vulgarities, profanities, no personal attacks, etc.), I'll post them, and that includes the occasional trash-talking from Patriots partisans, Bills buffs and Dolfans. My impression is that it's even a bit of fun for our regular Radar users to give these interlopers a little earful, and that if we're going to post the positive comments from some other fan base, we should be able to handle the negative comments as well.

But maybe you all have different thoughts. This is, after all, Were #1dolphinsfan's recent barbs annoying or insulting or worse? Do you want to continue to see caustic comments from enemy territory? Send me your comments the usual way and I'll post them here.

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