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Small Talk: Marcus Williams

Third-Year CB Talks Twist Outs, Garth Brooks & Minnesota

North Dakota State upset the No. 11 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes last weekend, you already have two interceptions and Carson Wentz is 2-0 as the Eagles starting QB. How about your alma mater?

MW: The program is getting better every year. More recruits are starting to go there with all of the exposure that it's getting. You can see the tradition at that school and how much they love football up there. It's a football town, everybody is about the Bison. Carson is a smart kid and I'm happy for him.

Okay, your hair. How does it get done-up like that and what's the upkeep like?

MW: It's called a two-strand twist out. I go to this lady Boniva in Newark. It's about $80 once a month. Then I go to the barber who cleans me up. 


How would you compare your hair to Buster's?

MW: He has the blonde thing going. That's dope. 


Do you think he has more fun because he's blonde?

MW: I don't know, but he does have a lot of fun when he's out. I might try it, not all the way though, but I might do something pretty soon.


Why don't you have a Minnesota accent?

MW: I don't know. I don't even understand what it sounds like. It all sounds normal to me. Everybody thinks we all talk like "Minne-SO-TAAA."


What did young Marcus do back in the day in Minnesota?

MW: I always went to the Mall of America. Before I was at the age, you know when you start dating girls, we just went to the amusement park to hang out and go on the rides.


The ball seems to just find you. You led the team last year in interceptions and now you have two picks in two games this season. What is it about you?

MW: I'm just trying to do my job and when the opportunity presents itself, go out there and make that play.

Favorite food?

Jerk chicken.

Iknow you like country music…who's your country boy?

MW: Garth Brooks. Favorite song is "Friends in Low Places."


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