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Slot Ain't Easy, But Wilson Up to the Challenge

Playing slot cornerback in today's NFL is a most difficult chore.  You never hear Jets CB Kyle Wilson complain about it though and he's off to a good start at camp.

"You have a three-way go," he told me when I asked him about playing the middle.  "You have a lot of option routes, so there is a lot of chasing.  The big thing is you have to be patient.  You have to play to your help and you have to play like you have no help from anybody. 

"You have to a lot of different things, a lot of different techniques which a lot of people don't know unless you're in there," he continued.  "But it definitely helps out to play different positions and now you can tell in my third year — I think I have a lot of different techniques down and I'm just perfecting them each day."

You have to view it like the Jets have three starting corners.  The way offenses attack these days, you have to load the field with DBs at times.  On Sunday when Darrelle Revis sat out team drills with a tight hamstring, Wilson was most impressive playing across from Antonio Cromartie on the island.

"It was good just to play, moving from inside to outside.  Right now I'm comfortable just playing," he told me.  "Being in the system going into my third year, I have the fine tools to know what to do and when to do it, understand why we're calling defenses and how the defenses help me to understand where my help is.  And just processing a lot of information before the snap, so I can go out and focus and do my job, get my hands on receivers and be in position to make plays.  I think it just helps and I've taken advantage of the opportunity."

We interviewed Kyle for Jets TV and you'll be able to hear more from him later in the week.  And remember to keep those questions filing in – our second installment of the "EA Q&A" runs Thursday.

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