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Secondary Had Its Struggles vs. Broncos


2008 Week 13 Jets Vs Denver Photos

Sheets of rain fell throughout Sunday's matchup as the Denver Broncos ended the New York Jets' five-game winning streak. And quarterback Jay Cutler also rained passes on the Jets' secondary, finding enough receivers who made plays after the catch to finish the day with 357 yards passing.

"He had a great game today," said CB Darrelle Revis. "He made a lot of great throws. What can you say? You've just got to tip your hat off to that guy for having a great game today."

Rookie CB Dwight Lowery got his first interception of his career, picking off Cutler in the end zone during the third quarter. The Jets finished their ensuing drive with a field goal, but were not able to gain any momentum.

"They didn't let our pass rush get to them," said Revis, who held WR Brandon Marshall to five catches for 55 yards. "They did a lot of quick screens and shallow throws. We couldn't get a good rush, but we try to do the best we can to go out there and cover guys and manage the game that way."

"We shot ourselves in the foot with tackles," said safety Kerry Rhodes. "We didn't tackle well. We've been a good tackling team this year and today we didn't do a good job. I don't know if it was because of the weather or not, but we just didn't tackle well."

Whether or not the rain was a reason for the many missed tackles, Jets head coach Eric Mangini didn't use the weather as an explanation for the loss.

"We don't even use the indoor facility," he said of the field house at the Atlantic Health Training Center. "We're always out in the weather. It's the same for both teams. We've dealt with these conditions before and there's always going to be some situation. Whether it's crowd, rain, snow, heat, whatever it is – both teams face the same thing."

Players in the locker room also talked about accountability following the loss.

"I'd say the bad weather plays a part in it, but you can't let it be the factor," said Revis. "You've got to keep on pushing and keep on making plays. We knew the game was going to be rainy today, but you've just got to adjust to it and try to do the best you can.

"Oh yeah, we're disappointed. We're disappointed at ourselves. We're pointing the finger at ourselves because we did a lot of things that wasn't ourselves. It wasn't the New York Jets of the past two weeks."

Revis gave credit to the Broncos but called the game a wakeup call for the Jets, who still lead their division heading into the final quarter of the season.

"We've just got to go back to the drawing board, correct our mistakes and move on."

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