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Seats Behind Pillars Being Removed This Week on Schedule

The Jets and Giants never intended to sell the limited number of seats in the New Meadowlands Stadium that a weekend report said are located behind pillars in the stadium.

The seats were installed behind the eight columns in question, four in each end zone, in the last few rows of the mezzanine level. As in other new stadiums, this was a temporary solution to prevent a hazard, such as fans standing and congregating in the open areas during the April 10 Big City Classic lacrosse matches.

The plan all along was for the seats to be removed in time for the international soccer match at the new stadium on Friday night, May 7. The seat removal is beginning on schedule today and the open areas will then be replaced with permanent railings.

The columns are a necessary structural and design element to give the fans in all 82,500 seats an unobstructed view of the field and to completely encircle the action and provide a modern-day coliseum feel. The Jets and Giants ownership wanted to create the most intimidating homefield advantage in football by having all those seats as close to the field as possible.

When the Jets host the Giants and the teams open their new stadium for football with their annual preseason game on Aug. 16, the columns will not block the view from a single seat.

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