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Sanchez Saturday Includes Guest Spot on SNL

Jets quarterbacks over the years have gotten their off-the-field opportunities. And Mark Sanchez's résumé as franchise QB got one more credit — and took one small step closer to Broadway — as less than two hours ago he made his national acting debut on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

As Tina Fey's "husband." With one line: "I'm every woman."

Explanations are required.

Sanchez, a fan of SNL, was contacted through his representatives by the producers of the iconic show on Friday about appearing on this week's episode. He agreed, and the hurry-up offense began.

The telegenic signalcaller rehearsed Saturday afternoon on the set at NBC's studios in Manhattan, drove back to North Jersey for his scheduled appearance in the early evening as a celebrity guest at guard Alan Faneca's "Block Out Epilepsy" charity event at the Hanover Marriott, then returned to Midtown in time for his live appearance as a part of show host Fey's opening monologue.

The idea of the monologue was for Fey, returning to the show as host, to explain how she handles being a star of SNL, "30 Rock" and movies as well as handling all the responsibilities of a working mom. Her response was to introduce, to the tune of Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman," "all the people it takes to help me juggle it all."

The list included Steve Martin, current "Not Ready for Prime Time Players" Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and Simon Rich, musical guest Justin Bieber ... and Sanchez.

Fey introduced Ferrell, for example, as her personal trainer and Martin as her accountant. Extras seated in the audience were introduced as "the factory workers who make my clothing line, 'The Lady Who Looks Like Sarah Palin Brand Jean Pants.' "

"And of course," Fey said late in the monologue, "I couldn't do any of this without my beloved husband, who, for this performance only, will be played by New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez."

Entered Sanchez warbling his one line, "I'm Every Woman."

And that was the extent of his participation in Saturday Night Live. For now.

When his role in the show was over, Sanchez had this to say about the experience: "I had a great time with the opportunity to appear on SNL and had the chance to meet and work with some of my favorite actors. Thanks to NBC and [producer] Lorne Michaels and staff for the opportunity."

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