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Saints Fan Tips His Hat to Our Team, Our Fans

Thanks to the bye week, the *bon temps *of our 26-20 victory over the Saints can *rouler *just a little longer, through Sunday's games and into next week before the preparation for the Bills begins in earnest.

But Jets fans at MetLife Stadium on Sunday can pat themselves on the back not just for providing a great homefield advantage (four Saints timeouts burned early, four presnap penalties on the New Orleans offense) but also for providing a great environment to watch the game for all fans.

Antoine Fleming, who hails from Houston and roots for the Saints, was at the game and was so impressed with his section of MetLife that he reached out to the team this week. We received Mr. Fleming's permission to reprint his letter, below, in full:

*Good Morning. My name is Antoine Fleming and I want to share my positive experience visiting Met Life Stadium on Sunday November 3, 2013. My wife, my brother and I are New Orleans Saints fans. We made the trip to New York from Houston, TX, to watch the Jets take on the Saints. We sat in Section 104, Row 20, Seats 15, 16, and 17. *

*First, your stadium is absolutely stunning! Our seats were excellent! MetLife Stadium was clearly designed with the NFL fan in mind. *

*Second, we were three Saints fans surrounded by a sea of Jet Green. Not at any point during the game did the Jets faithful make any of us feel uncomfortable. The Jets fans in this section were very informed about MetLife Stadium and the Jets team. They joked with us throughout the game and really made us feel welcome at Met Life Stadium. *

Lastly, when the Jets pulled out the upset victory over the Saints the positive good natured sportsmanship of the fans in Section 104 remained! There was nothing but high fives and hugs as the fans in Section 104 embraced us and invited us to please return in the near future.

*New York fans often get a bad rep for being obnoxious and overly enthusiastic regarding their sports franchises, and this may be true. However, the fans in Section 104 were nothing but top shelf and offered nothing but good hospitality! I am usually a harsh critic of anything "New York" but not the Jets fans in Section 104. They truly represented themselves and the Jets organization very well. *

I want to bring those fans in Section 104 to your attention and thank them for making our trip to New York a memorable one.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

—Antoine Fleming Thank you, Antoine. And thanks also to the fans of the Green & White for showing Mr. Fleming and fans like him the best we have to offer, both on the field and in the stands.

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