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RYANN: The Joy of Lending a Helping Hand

Hey, Jets fans, It's Ryann from the Flight Crew and I'm so happy to be here this season with all of you! 

It is this time of year, football season at the halfway point, holidays around the corner, cold weather approaching, which gets my mom and me thinking about people less fortunate. Each year at this time, my mom and I begin organizing food drives and clothing drives for the needy in our community. This is so easy to do. We visit our local churches and ask if we can set up a drop box for food or clothing. Our local churches are always glad to help and love the idea!

There are so many little things you can do to help out in your own community to help others, whether it be organizing a food drive or spending time with an elderly neighbor, raking up the leaves, or simply watering the flowers. It's not much, but you will be amazed at the pleasure such a small task can bring to someone who is unable to do for themselves due to health or financial struggles.

Perhaps you're short on time. Then maybe going to the store for someone who cannot get out of the house or just does not have the time.

Our church has wonderful outreach programs and I am inspired by their endless effort to reach out to as many people struggling as possible. I feel honored to be able to help and I look forward to doing so each year. People are just so grateful for whatever help you can give.

As the holidays approach (so quickly!) think about what you can do to help someone less fortunate, how much it will mean to them, and how important it is to be surrounded by the people you love most!


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