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Roundup: Jets Bye Week Plans

K Nick Folks Will Hang with the Kids & QB Bryce Petty Is Headed to Texas for Gumbo

Nick Folk: Just hanging with my kids. I get to take them to school for a couple of days which will be nice. That will be it really. We have nothing on the docket.

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Lachlan Edwards: I'm going back to Texas, to relax and go watch the boys play some college ball. I think my girlfriend is going to take me to dinner out there too. We'll probably go to a couple of movies. I'm a big movie guy. Just unwind physically and mentally.

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Jalin Marshall: I'm going home to see my daughter. She just turned one last week. She's a beautiful little girl, so I'm going back to Cincinnati to see her and my family.

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Julian Stanford: *By week plans? Shoot…I'm heading back to Connecticut. I'm going to hang out with my family and just relax…pajamas, movies, might even get myself to the spa.

Bryce Petty: I'm going back to Texas. It'll be great. When you're from the south, there is just something about the south, you always want to go back. My girlfriend's family is coming up, so we will probably have a little cookout or a nice gumbo. They are all from Louisiana, so they have some Cajun roots.

My Day 1 😍😍

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Leo Williams: I'm hanging out here. I'm not leaving. I think it would be harder to go home and sit on the beach for a week, and then come back here to the cold. It would be a hard adjustment, so instead I have my friends coming in to stay with me from California.

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Quincy Enunwa: I think I might be going home to California.

Marcus Williams: Hopefully, I can fly home to Minnesota for a few days to see my son.

Rontez Miles: *I am going back to Pittsburgh.  Of course, going home to spend time with my children. I might leave from there and go spend a day or two somewhere with a teammate just to relax my mind. *

Sheldon Richardson: *Enjoying life. Life. You know, wherever the wind takes me. *

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