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Roomies Sanchez, Holmes Getting Along Fine

Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes are roommates at Jets training camp. The reason why, however, depends on which party you ask.

Sanchez said earlier in the week that Holmes, who arrived at SUNY Cortland three days after the start of camp to be with his son during surgery, requested to be the wide receiver's roommate so they could get to know each other better. Holmes, after the Green & White Scrimmage on Saturday, said he picked Sanchez because the quarterback was the only one left on the list without a roomie.

"That was funny that it happened," Holmes said. "When the guys came around the locker room asking us who we wanted to be camp roommates with, I went through the list, and pretty much everyone was taken except for him."

"Santonio said that?" Sanchez said. "Well, I'm going to hold my comment for now and talk to you guys on Monday and have this thing settled. If he doesn't show up to practice, don't be surprised."

Regardless of what the actual story is, the two are doing what it takes to build on the foundation they began this offseason once Sanchez returned from his arthroscopic knee surgery. The two connected on a couple of impressive passing plays in the first-team offense's second drive of the scrimmage. The Jets will benefit greatly if the tandem's relationship continues to blossom.

"Everybody is anticipating what I'm going to do or how I'm going to play, how the chemistry is going to be between myself and the team and Mark," said Holmes, the former Super Bowl MVP for the Steelers who came to the Jets in an offseason trade. "We're learning together right now, we're trusting each other and we're believing in each other and having fun with it."

Both of them hope expect bigger and better things to come.

"What we do at practice is only a glimpse of what you're going to see throughout the whole season," Holmes said. "Mark has trust in us as players and I think that's all going to work together and benefit us in the long run."

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