Revis, Jets Find 'Landing Spot,' Sign Contract


Darrelle Revis makes the tackle against Nebraska

After two long days of negotiations, the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis finally reached an agreement on a contract tonight.

"I think it was close to midnight last night or whatever time it was, we finally reached an agreement in principle," Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said. "We spent the better part of today just working through the nuances and the technicalities of a very complicated contract. That's why Darrelle wasn't able to practice [today]. We were just working through the process for the better part of the day into the night."

"I'm excited just to be in the NFL," said Revis, the 14th overall selection in April's draft. "It's a dream come true. I've been fighting for this job my whole life. Now it's here and I've got to do the best I can. My Uncle Sean [Gilbert] told me, 'Don't push it. You know how to play football, just go out and play football.' "

Revis totaled 129 tackles and eight interceptions at Pittsburgh. The 5'11", 204-pound cornerback, who also excels as a return specialist, having scored four touchdowns (two on punt returns and two on interceptions) during his collegiate career.

After a 20-day holdout, Revis has a lot of catching up to do in the days and weeks ahead. Jets head coach Eric Mangini, who spent Tuesday with Revis' mother, is pleased to have a new camp addition but says it's time to get to work.

"We're excited about having him, obviously drafting him where we drafted him, and knowing the person he is. That's why he's here," Mangini said. "On the flip side, I didn't send Mike out for any party hats or noise makers. It will be good to get him out there. He's got a lot of work to do."

Using an analogy, Tannenbaum talked about the intricacies of the negotiation. He and Neil Schwartz, Revis' agent, were able to find common ground over the past few days.

"I knew the landing spot on this deal was really small," Tannenbaum said. "But I was resolute in the fact that there was a landing spot that was good for Darrelle and good for the Jets. I am just happy we found spots. In some deals, it's easy to find that landing spot. This deal was obviously hard to find, but we knew it was there.

"I think part of it is the system, the complexities of the system over the last few years. We are sitting here with a 47-page document. All these deals are complicated and it seems like each year they get more complicated, not less complicated."

After Tannenbaum and Revis addressed a small crowd of reporters at Weeb Ewbank Hall around 9 p.m., Schwartz discussed the contract's reciprocity.

"Our job is to make a deal. We're happy he's a member of the New York Jets," he said. "Each side wanted different things. This contract addressed what both sides wanted. But the most important thing was that the Jets wanted Darrelle and Darrelle wanted the Jets."

The Jets don't have an official practice tomorrow and will continue their preseason slate with a home contest against the Vikings on Friday night.

"He'll play when Eric feels he's ready. That will be a coaching decision. I know he is going to get coached well and he's swimming with the playbook right now," Tannenbaum said. "He obviously has some catching up to do right now, but obviously all the traits that attracted us to him to trade up for are there. He is going to work hard and try to put himself in the best position as quickly as possible."

Revis already has an open mind. The Aliquippa, Pa., native is ready to start his professional career.

"As of right now, I can only do so much, achieve so much, and that's to come in here and learn, learn from the coaches, learn from the veteran players," he said. "The veterans told me it's going to be a long season and they told me they're going to help me get through it."

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