Relive the Jets Win in 140 Characters

NYJvsMIA: The Best of Twitter from Around Jets Nation

Jets Nation, both players and fans, were ready to bring the passion for one more Sunday.

J-E-T-S….Jets..Jets..JETS!!!!! Let's go out with a bang!!!!! @nyjets #NYJets — Lisa (@AlwaysTicosGirl) December 29, 2013


J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Time to make the best of our last opportunity this year #JETS — Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) December 29, 2013

DT Sheldon Richardson took charge as FB and put the Jets on the scoreboard with a 1-yd TD run.

Sheldon Richardson with a TD!! Getcha some big fella! #MIZ — Josh Wagner (@Josh_Wagner22) December 29, 2013

Another td for Richardson! Defensive and offensive powerhouse haha — A.J. Gioglio (@ajgioglio) December 29, 2013

Sheldon Richardson = Rookie of the year! — Christa ✌ (@Chriistaxx3) December 29, 2013


I love me some Sheldon Richardson. #Jets — Justin Schwindel (@JustinSchwindel) December 29, 2013

Geno Smith added to his rushing TD total and the Jets lead with a 7-yd run in the second quarter.

BOOM. GENOOOOOO! 14-7 lead at half time. Got to love his fighting effort, and kudos for Powell...loved that push. Great team effort. #Jets — Dan. (@JetsFanUK) December 29, 2013

Fought for the score, I love the toughness RT @richmacleod: Hell of a run by Geno Smith. Wow! #Jets — Angelo (@angelo_faiella) December 29, 2013

Geno Smith doing work today  — Jordan Perna (@jperna_77) December 29, 2013


Dee Milliner matched fellow Jets rookies with a standout performance, pulling in 2 INTs.

What a play by milliner! #jets — Robert Z (@Rob_Zloto) December 29, 2013

DEE MILLINER with 2 consecutive stellar plays and the turnover #Jets — Ryan Pavlicek (@Ryan_Pavlicek) December 29, 2013

Guess who! Dee milliner! Ladies & gentleman it is official- we have #squishedthefish! Feel good season comes 2 an end on a knee, 2nd place.. — NY JETS ADDICT (@jetsnutfrank) December 29, 2013


Dee Milliner with a great game to end his rookie year! Jets close out with 2 straight wins! Look out for next year! — Jason Chamberlain (@jasonchambo) December 29, 2013

Ed Reed also intercepted a Ryan Tannehill pass, giving the Jets 3 caused turnovers on the day and bringing his career INT total to 64.

Ed reed  pick #64 all time #legend #stud #edreed — Joeboss42 (@joeferri42) December 29, 2013

ED REED WITH HIS 3RD INTERCEPTION IN HIS LAST 4 GAMES! — Jon Willoughby (@JonWilloughby20) December 29, 2013

GOAT Safety? Ed Reed — The Unicorn© (@itsallabouttheu) December 30, 2013

Dee Milliner 2 int's, Ed Reed also got a Int. Sheldon Richardson rushed for a TD, and the Jets eliminated the Dolphins. Good day. — Nate Carter (@newyorknate1) December 29, 2013

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